Sunday, August 31, 2003

last night i nearly died.

(ooooh, feel the drama!)

after spending much too long sitting around in front of computers and televisions and not doing much at all, stefan ("the prick with a few redeeming qualities") and i finally got around to going out to the boat (after a great search for the missing keys, which turned out to've been left in the boat at the docks 2 weeks ago by his father... lucky thing the boat was still there...) to get in some good fishing time. hadn't gotten to go fishing once since i'd gotten back, and we both leave norway this week, so it had to be done. and as always, he caught a fish and i didn't. but the one we kept was a decent-sized cod that we decided to bring home and boil.

and who woulda thought that boiled cod could be so tasty. head and all. with the supposedly world-famous Sandefjord Sauce, even! (butter, cream, and parsley. and some of the water that the cod was {dave}boiled{/dave} in. tasty as hell. apparently created here. try it sometime.) and it was all good.

until i took one bite that had a little fishbone in it that decided to fight back and lodge itself in my throat. not in a nice sort of way, either, it actually pierced the skin and got stuck in there right near the gag-reflex point. no amount of coughing or swallowing or fishing around with fingers was working. so the great political historian and part-time surgeon, stefan, had to rescue me using tweezers and actually using a bit of force to pull the damned thing back out.

and it came out and was shown off to his mother as well because we were all quite amazed at how long and how sharp the thing actually was.

fascinating story, no?

so that thing that your mother always stressed about, making sure all the fishbones are removed when you take a bite? it wasn't just motherly stressing, fishbones really are bastards.

alright, so i didn't quite die. but it would have been worthy of going to the doctor's or the hospital if i hadn't been with other people, because there was no way i could get the thing out!

but as a reflection on the boiled cod, i still went back and ate more of it after that, even if my throat was a little swollen. because it's that good.

i'm really going to miss fresh fish. maybe if i'm lucky i'll end up near the seaside somewhere.

who knows....

complete aside:
it seems that while my body's great at handling most things (ie: relatively-high pain/weirdness tolerance, high metabolism to handle most anything i eat or drink, etc) it's been pointed out to me that i *really* need to stay away from decent amounts of sugar and caffeine these days. single cups of coffee in the mornings and evenings are fine (i'm staying with a half-slovak family at the moment, it's just how things are done here, the mom doesn't accept no as an answer), random sweets are fine, but the past couple days i've been subject to some weird-ass mood swings. granted, i'm also stressed and a little lacking of sleep and probably a little depressed to be leaving norway and joining some version of real life once more and i'm sure hormones are somewhat to blame as well, but the sugar's definitely making me slightly more insane than usual. and in oslo i was given an espresso to make sure that i wouldn't fall asleep driving home, but that just wired me up like you wouldn't believe.

good, fun, times. {g}

Friday, August 29, 2003

i finally have a set date to leave norway: thursday september 4. and then i fly to london and start winging it from there. still don't have anything set up yet, although now i have a week to do that. and i guess that's alright. the strange thing will be staying in sandefjord after my best friend here leaves. i'll be staying with other friends, who are still awesome people, but they're friends through him, and it's always a little strange suddenly making that jump between being friends through a friend to being friends yourself.

shush, it makes sense in my mind.

not like it's a problem. they're good people. and i've already been living at their place for awhile now, so it's all good.

still. a week at the hytt put me into super-relaxed mode, so coming back to real life's a bit of a shock still.

but the hytt! oh, it was wonderful. norwegian wilderness at it's best. although it was on a lake, rather than the ocean. but swimming every day, sunshine most of the time, beaver-hunting (realised that although the beaver might be the canadian national animal, i'd never seen one in the wild before now. and this guy didn't mind being the centre of attention one bit, waddling around and eating everything he saw.. he must have been old - he even had a beard. we dubbed him Harry. good times..), canoeing, kayaking, chopping wood, nearly chopping my foot off in the process, getting a lovely tan...


but at the moment people want to sleep, so i have to leave. more later.

i love norway, though..

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

oh. and.

i really hate proving to meself that i'm still a ditz. like going through the wrong toll-line and not paying the cheap toll, resulting in a $100 fine. fortunately it was fixable. but we didn't know that until the next day. but it happened because i'm a moron.

but fortunately the person i was driving with has a good sense of humour.

and just chalked up the whole thing as Another Thing To Mock Sarah For. as though anyone needed another.

seriously feeling like franny though, wishing i had the courage to be a nobody. or wondering why i feel like i should feel like that. or wondering if i really want to be a nobody. or something. it depends on the time of day. it's just being surrounded by Smart People. and Content People.

norway is wonderful. being with friends is awesome. especially hanging around with incredibly creative people (particularly ones whose names sound like they're from Lord of the Rings), even if it's almost a little depressing realising how talented they are and how lacking in talent i am. being able to look around at the landscape and actually see crisp, clear, bright, beautiful colours is grand (unlike seeing the constantly hazy, washed-out-by-pollution-in-the-air landscape in germany). ocean breezes are lovely. fresh seafood's even better. pointless, prolonged conversations about fuck-all are the best part.

embassies still suck - weekend trip to oslo just to go to the UK embassy today to get my working visa, all for naught because i needed better proof of finances. and he wouldn't even look any further at the application. incredibly annoying. so i'll just mail it up and hope for the best instead. still, got to see oslo again, got to meet new norwegians and ran into friends of a friend that i didn't expect to ever see again, got to have a mini-road trip there and back to practice driving the car in preparation for tomorrow...

because! because because because! tomorrow (or maybe the next day, depends on how efficient we all are tomorrow) lise, frode, stefan and i head off to lise's hutt (cabin) somewhere out near some lake or ocean or whatnot, to camp, canoe, swim, lounge, and forget that the rest of the world exists.

oh so exciting.

alas, i'll be without internet for awhile. but there's worse things that could happen, right?

in all honesty, i just want to stay here. screw england, i'll just have to find some way to stick around norway. i love it here. {g}

no, that won't happen. i guess i'm going to england. i'll just have to be certain to come back and visit. especially during summers.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

why is it that there's people who you don't really become good friends with until you've almost left them, or even after you've parted ways, through email? because i have a bad habit of doing that. the last semester before i left vancouver i suddenly started to make a bunch of friends only to leave them within months. and even in prague, there's a number of people that i didn't get to know so well until towards the end of things. like marcia, who just sent me an email, who left prague in december. chances are i'll see her again, seeing as she lives in the states and a friend of hers (who was my flatmate for a brief while, actually) lives in seattle, but still. it's too bad we didn't hang out more earlier on.

don't know why that works. maybe because people let their guard down a little more towards the end of things. that's one of the reasons i'm a little sorry to be graduating soon, because it's in the higher classes that you really start to get to know your classmates, just as everyone's about to put in their application for graduation. it's unfortunate.

enough writing. want to swim but gotta pack first!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

looking for suggestions for thank you gifts for:
a) zee germans, for letting me stay here, although i think cleaning up the place wonderfully is a good start already, as well as a kitchen that'll be well-enough stocked for when they get back a few days after i leave here, as well as a half-tank of gas in the car which was empty when i started using it (gas it damn pricey out here, so there's no way i can afford to put in more than a half-tank at a time).
b) the nice norwegians who're letting me stay at their place even though they only just met me last time i was there. if frode drank i'd bring them alcohol (cuz it's cheap here and damn expensive there) but he doesn't. and i'd bring lise donald duck things if i could find them, but i can only find comics in german, so that's also a bust. i have a mini-cactus to bring, that's a start, right?

but any suggestions, SMS me (+420 721 866 849), because i'm going out for the day and it's my last chance to shop, so i'll need them on the road.

driving standard, i might add. it feels so good to be commandeering a car again. especially one that you actually get to drive, not a silly automatic machine...
i just remembered! i have a digeridoo at home waiting to be learned how to be played completely properly!

these are the things you just happen to forget.

actually, i was speaking with a friend from vancouver who's actually been living in japan for a couple years now, and we were both talking about how things are back in vancouver, how our families are and all that. and for both of us, the family situation's changed a fair bit while we've been gone, our respective neighbourhood environments aren't like they were when we left (even little things like a car being sold or a bedroom being painted), but we still have these versions of reality in our minds that keep everything the same. we both know that reality as we imagine it and reality as it actually is are very different, and i'm sure we'll both get a shock whenever we end up back in vancouver, but it's still strange. i know that my room was re-organised when i left. i know that bedrooms will be different colours when i get back. i know that the inkpen house will have different inkpens living in it than i'm used to. i know that my sister's boyfriend might be living in my house when i get back. i know that the garden looks a lot more grown-over than it used to. i know my mom changed her hairstyle. i know that one of my brothers is a completely different person now. i know natasha doesn't live nearby anymore, nor does catherine.

still doesn't mean that i remember that when i think about home. it's a very strange thing. i know i'll be getting some sort of shock when i go home.

although i spoke to one person yesterday who i haven't talked to in months, told me certain things that i needed to hear. told me to spend as much time out here as i can, because when i come home, nothing's going to be the same anyways, the people i was used to having around won't be there (whether it's because they've moved or because they're busy or whathaveyou), so keep on living as long as i can because i'm never going to be able to come back to the place i left anyways. so no need to feel homesick and feel the need to return quickly. however, she added, whenever i do come back, i'd better work my ass off to keep meself busy so that i don't end up getting depressed. a few years ago she travelled in asia for a few months and when she came back, the flight attendent gave her the best advice on the way home, simply to not let herself get depressed. so when she got back she made that summer The Summer O' Fun and had an awesome time to keep herself from getting down. and it worked. and i must say, even for those of us who hadn't been travelling the world, that summer was indeed The Summer O' Fun despite the fact that that was also The Summer Of The Massive Transit Strike That Lasted Three Months (found out port moody and port coquitlam weren't entirely all bad afterall!).

but anyways. all in all, it was a conversation that i had to have. made me stop feeling so guilty for thinking about stay out here. which suddenly makes you feel a lot better about staying.

even better, zee germans just called to say hi and wish me well when i take off tomorrow (as well as to make sure that their house hasn't burnt to the ground or anything), and i got to tell olaf that i'd been thinking about not coming back here first if i did head to england. i'd been feeling guilty about thinking of just heading straight there if zee germans were expecting to see me again, but olaf's awesome, s'no skin off his back. and hopefully things will work out so that i can still come back here anyways, it just depends on flight prices, really. but yay! less guilt once again!

got no more secrets, had some guilt relieved, even got some form of contact through email from someone that i'd really been hoping to hear from this morning (not personal or anything, but the fact that any email was sent at all makes me feel better). and today i get to drive around to do errands for awhile. and it's nice and windy outside. and if i get everything else done in time, i'm going swimming at the lake this afternoon.

yee haw.
i really do find it fascinating that eyelashes are just like the rest of your hair. they're so tiny, you'd think they'd be different. but every time i get one on my finger, the end half has been bleached white by the sun.

simple minds are easily amused, i know.
my little brother and i are both trying to work on resumes. i'll be curious to see which of us gets a job first..

whither: who're your references anyways?
disco_cat26: um.. old supervisors. One at museum, one at pacific blends, pastor greg for character reference, mona
disco_cat26: I should get some stereotypical black guy as a reference, so they phone him up and he'll talk in ebonics to them so they won't understand
whither: good idea.
whither: i don't know who the hell to put on as a reference. maybe one of the gerickes for character ref, but i really don't know anyone in europe who i could use. or at home for that matter. :P
disco_cat26: Jesus
disco_cat26: and then say his phone number is "Prayer"
disco_cat26: he'll never tell anything naughty about you
whither: you so sure about that?
disco_cat26: no
disco_cat26: but it'd be cool to have jesus as a reference
whither: well, they do say that jesus is your friend...
whither: i wanna make that resume. Jesus, Token Black Guy, who else do we need?
disco_cat26: hm..
disco_cat26: dead dictator
whither: Hitler?
whither: just title your resume BETTER THAN HITLER
disco_cat26: AND HOW
whither: no, that'll be the heading on Page 2

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

curious. lying on my back and lifting up and lowering my hurt leg makes something in my lower back crack each and every time. i somehow don't think that's a good thing.

still haven't found a sprinkler. found freezies, though. hoo-rah.
could someone please tell me where the sprinkler is? i'd rather not stand outside with a garden hose all afternoon long... velvet goldmine's gonna be on, and fear and loathing in las vegas (have i mentioned how random german tv is? earlier today it was moulin rouge - i think today might be ewan mcgregor day)... and i'm still trying to get worked up into getting through the harry potter book (although really, i'm just reading it because someone passed it along to me. i must be one of the few who really doesn't care for those books either way, even though i read them, but i only read them when i sumble across them, never go out of my way to get a copy). and if i had the sprinkler i could take the time to lie under it for awhile, because it's more than hot enough for a sprinkler session today. i'd be at the lake if i wouldn't die of heat exhaustion on the bikeride there first. maybe later tonight.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

oh and hey, correction: it's not "earthworm", it's "earwig". like the little bug with pinchers.

and now back to your normal, more-interesting lives.
finally got around to (attempting to) edit photos and throw them up online, because at the moment i can only upload them to olaf's computer if i want access to the internet. unfortunately there's a ton of photos on my laptop that i want to put up, but that'll have to wait awhile.

in the meantime, because german computers are strange and won't give me access to where i usually upload to, i had to throw them up at yahoo. which means i can't link to images, which is a bother, but what can you do. SO! Germany and Scandinavia are the new folders, you're welcome to browse through them if you want. olaf's computer also doesn't have a decent editting program (although i'm quite proud of figuring out how to shrink images at the very least, considering all the menus are in german on this thing) so some aren't perfect or aren't put together or whathaveyou. life's a bitch.

oh, and finally, a looooooooong time ago, just before i left prague, i mentioned that i had a secret that would likely be told soon enough. (i'd link, but apparently blogger won't let me republish archives right now..) i was keeping it quiet because i wanted to surprise some people when i got home, but at this point, who knows when that is. and afterwards it sorta slipped my mind for awhile. but now i remembered, so! it's a bad photo, i know, lighting in this house is not my friend. daniel tried to fix it a little for me though, so voila!:

sarah got a tattoo! and yes, it was my doodle (even though you can't see it so well). wouldn't have anonymous art that means nothing to me stenciled in for life. but like everyone says, it's addictive. i already want to add to it. but that's my official prague tattoo.

oh the excitement.
could somebody please tell me why i keep feeling nauseous this year? before christmas, i'd felt truly nauseous maybe four times in my entire life. and then i had the flu from hell on christmas eve, and ever since then i've ended up feeling sick to my stomach randomly. not sick enough to throw up (not usually) but still queasy. i woudln't mind if it didn't seem to be building on itself either - in the past month it's been five times, including this morning, when there's absolutely no reason to feel sick in the least.

unless the migraine is planning to pop back today. don't see that happenning though.

(mind over matter, donchaknow.)

still. i haven't been healthy in awhile now. i'd really like to know what it's like again...

Saturday, August 09, 2003

despite less sleep than intended, despite failing to keep my resolutions of the week, despite not having eaten anything yet today (although i just realised i hadn't right this minute..should fix that), despite it being hot and muggy and sticky, i look awesome today. and it's a cryin shame that there's no one around (who matter at least.. unless the farmer who just drove by on his tractor counts..) to show it off to. that's just how it goes, ain't it.

during the fruit&veggie trip this morning (saturday morning farmer's markets - gotta love 'em) i managed to find a used book store that actually has books in english for €1,50 or less. and they even let me have the battered french kids cavalier novel for free. only left with that, Planet of the Apes (€0,50, figured what the hell) and a many-paged* german donald duck comic (in hopes of learning a bit more german), but if i run out of things to read by thursday, now i know where to go.

query to anyone though: what's ayn rand like? there was one of her books there that i debated picking up, but i don't know if her philosophies would just drive me mental or if i'd like reading it, so i figured i'd save the money for the time being (hey, €1,45'll get me three italian icecream cones, so!). any opinions on her or Objectivism?

but what i meant to follow the book paragraph was: is donald duck all that popular in north america? as a comic, at least? because he's amazingly popular here. all the comic book stores usually have big images of him up or outside or somewhere, and there's a ton of those available, and i've actually met a ton of people who have a near-obsession with the comic, get it every week, love it to tears. i really don't think donald duck (or any disney character, for that matter) is popular as a comic book like that back he? it's like.. well, they seem to be as prevalent here as archie comics are at home. and come to think of it, i don't know that i've seen any archies out here (not that they should be, but just a sudden realisation). "out here" actually being europe in general. scandinavia and germany are the places that have the strong DD followings, as far as i know, but he could be elsewhere as well... i don't know. s'very peculiar.

and speaking of comics. got to watch Bug's Life up in hamburg (dubbed into german of course: "Das Grosse Krebbel"). though it was quite amusing because i realised i was still imagining dave foley and david hyde-pierce and dennis leary and everyone in my heads doing voices still...except that they were all german. even though they didn't sound quite the same and the inflection was all wrong in some places. but it was strange how strongly the ...communistic? whatever you want to call it, the political message in the movie, how strong that came across this time (and i loved it). maybe it's just because i haven't watched it for awhile. maybe it's because when you watch it in a different language and just remember the words actually being said you actually notice what's being said more (go figure). but it was quite bizarre. but nifty.

but anyways. seeing as i haven't eaten yet today, it might be an idea to find me some food. got fresh nectarines today... mmmm.....

* read: "page-ed"
so! family gathering of the gerickes north of hamburg. every summer all the families get together and the mom treats everyone. they used to go to a summer place in denmark, but that got too expensive, so now they get together and do grand outings every day. this year there were trips to the lake, an amusement park, a wildlife park (got to see live wildeschweine for the first time. and got my first real good looks at badgers and foxes. and mink. and they had a few canadian sea otters too. and some amazing birds of prey. still felt terrible that they were stuck in a park - especially for the raccoon. couldn't complain out loud, though, woulda been rude. and i'll admit it's still a well-run place and the animals do usually seem to get good places to live..), a sand castle competition along with playing in the baltic sea, more lake fun, day trip to hamburg and seeing Miniature World (and watching liam act the most excited i've ever seen him.. his dad needs to learn to like model trains, just so that liam can get some for christmas. the kid'd be in heaven then.) and... a bunch more. the group nearly got to see a movie for free, thanks to the grown-ups' foster-brother from when they were growing up (he's apparently a bigtime airbrush artist, does a lot of work for films so gets free passes that he never usually uses) except that the showing that would have worked was sold out. ah well. it was only Sinbad ("MIT CATHERINE ZETA-JONES!!" say all the ads, despite the fact that it's all been dubbed!!!), so i wasn't too upset. personally i was against seeing Legally Blonde 2 ("naturally blonde 2" in germany) if only because i'd have spent the whole film being frustrated that reese witherspoon didn't sound like reese witherspoon.

although! brief interjection: it only makes sense, but i never realised it until i saw an ad on TV for T3 - arnie does his own dubbing, at least into german. and y'know what? he still has That Accent even in german. heike says that it's what the austrian dialect really sounds like but i don't recall hearing anything quite like that when i listened to austrian german before. still. quite amusing. at least it is to me. but i digress.

but north germany. good times.

and like i said, at the high point, there were seventeen kids running about: liam, loana, benedikt, judith, julius, manu, gabriel, simon, phillip, lisa, jacob, jona, emi, josef, pascal, michi, and sebastien. the last seven were only there for two and a half days. before they came i couldn't imagine having so many kids around. but after they left the 10 left didn't seem like many at all - everything seemed rather calm then. everything's relative.

judith and jacob, the oldest ones, laid claim on me as often as they could. which was fine with me, because they're both damn cool kids. and both speak english (although as expected, learned even more german this week just trying to communicate with so many more kids at once). but if jacob continues like he is now, he's gonna grow up to be extremely awesome. the kid's got one of the driest senses of humour that i know. and his younger sister, emi, took an extreme shining to me, wouldn't let go of me when they were all supposed to leave. and even though she speaks precious little english and i don't know german well enough when you get down to voice-only, she wanted to talk to me on the phone when they called after they'd gotten home. it was an extremely stilted conversation. but she's a sweetie. {g}

and i got to meet arne for the first time in 17 years, as well as meet his wife for the first time. spent awhile reminiscing about prague with arne because he lived there for a couple of years as well. and spend a goodly amount of time chatting with astrid and kirsten (one of the main reasons i did go along, even though the thought of so many gerickes in one place was a little petrifying before i actually got there) and had a traditional sarcasm-fest with ansgar.

good good times. didn't want to leave today, actually. unfortunately today was the only option i could find for getting back to glees before catching a flight next thursday. so now i have almost a week to live here on my own. no idea what to do yet. probably getting fruits and veggies and fabric at the nearest big town tomorrow. and plan on biking around a bunch and swimming in the laacher-see. other than that, not a clue. anyone wanna fly out here for a mini roadtrip for a few days? got me a car at my disposal while i'm here, afterall... {g}

migraine returning. must sleep now.
i just watched Saving Silverman because:
1. i needed something brainless to do while i ate (alone.. so very alone..)
2. jack black amuses me somehow
3. neil diamond music kinda drew me in, although granted, i'd already settled on watching it anyways, but give me some credit..
4. it was the only thing on tv in english (i do so hate the german tradition of dubbing EVERYTHING)
5. it's always sorta fun to see vancouver even when it pretends to be washington, specially when you haven't seen it for awhile. didn't see any extras that i recognised though.

and it wasn't entirely terrible. i did laugh..once...and i think it was supposed to be funny then...

see? i'm not a complete movie snob. not entirely. often, but not always.

also, and completely unrelated: The Darkness has a concert in Hamburg tomorrow night. they already had one in koln last night. and i didn't get to see them for free in london - timing just didn't work. which means i'll miss them once again. (ooh, but if i *do* end up in england, i could see them on my birthday in bristol.. such excitement..) course, only one person really understands how sad this is. but then again, it would only be proper to see them live with that one person, elsewise the whole thing would be a little less fun. life's a shame like that sometimes...
was up near hamburg for the week. family reunion/gettogether (OHMYGOD17CHILDRENATTHEHIGHPOINT) sort of thing. great fun, actually.

had one of the five year olds wish me goodbye by telling me to "try to have fun without me!" when i left today. phillip amuses me so.

but i'm currently hoping that my first migraine ever (YAY!!!) will finally give up. at least i have a bit of an appetite now, so off to find food. i'll post something more interesting later.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

hang on, it's saturday now. at least, it is here. which means (i think) that.. it's gina's birthday! happy birthday!!!! hope it's a-loverly. {g}
guess who got to ride on a motorcycle for the first time today. tough one, that. but the trip alone reminded me that the rhineland is really beautiful. especially on cool, moist, heading-for-hot-sunny-afternoons morning. it also makes me want to learn how to drive a motorcycle meself and even, possibly, one day, get one of my own.

but that's a looooooooooong ways away.

actually, olaf would have let me driven it today if my feet could have touched the ground when i was just trying to balance the thing before turning on the motor. curse these short legs!

(actually, don't. i rather like them. in a somewhat-off-topic, i've somehow magically gained some weight. didn't think that was possible. and it really bothers me because suddenly i'm not used to my body being like this and i don't really like it. but cry me a river, i know. it's some reverse body-perception disorder, i think. i know it's a good thing to be gaining weight, i'm just so used to being skinny that the second i'm any less-so, it disturbs me. i'll get over it. everyone who has a real reason to complain about anything, go ahead.)

(and if anyone has any idea why my appetite's suddenly a lot larger than it usually is, do tell. i'm thinking maybe i have a new pet tapeworm or something. very strange.)

(although if someone could make my left breast stop being vaguely achy and sensitive, it'd be greatly appreciated. one day might have been bearable, if annoying, but now it's just bugging me.)

(that may or may not have been TMI. oh well.)

and then i spent a couple hours reading Franny & Zooey cover to cover as well as a few chapters in 9 Stories (A Good Day for Bananafish, and For Esme, With Squalor) in a bookstore because i couldn't afford to buy either one. and i need to reread them again, because i do think i got more out of F&Z than last time. and if nothing else, i scribbled a bunch of messy notes in a book because i couldn't underline and circle if i wasn't going to buy the book. although actually, if i ever did buy a brand new book and it had notes and comments written throughout, i'd be more than happy. that was what i liked about getting text books for classes in high school - seeing what sort of notes people had written inside in years past. i like seeing peoples' thought processes when they read something, random tidbits of knowledge that i wouldn't have known otherwise... which is why i was rather annoyed when my umberto eco book (which i still haven't read and would have loved to now if someone had remembered to pass on a message, daniel...) came back without a mark in it. when i'd specifically asked them to mark it up all they wanted. or at least throw in explanations of jewish/hebrew references, being that the guy reading it knew a ton about judaism and hebrew himself. could have been handy.

but them's the breaks.
better than myst? but shorter.

daniel sent me the link, so i don't know anything about it. but the someones who made it are czech! nifty.