Monday, July 07, 2003

you know how random things sometimes become themes in your life, and not even you can say why that is?

at the moment, it's whales. and whaling. and i have no idea why. traded someone my book for their copy of Moby Dick, and ever since then whales and fish have come up almost incessantly. random stranger taught me how to fish. ended up liking it. ended up spending a fair amount of time in the headquarters for the largest whaling company at least in scandinavia, if not worldwide (of course, they have the giant jawbones of a blue whale in the town centre - kinda nifty, actually..). got stuck out at sea when the ocean swallowed the anchor and we fought to get it back (you know that melville would have written chapters of metaphors from that one happenstance, too). ended up in another whaling community, here in england, by complete chance (more whale jawbones erected above the town, of course). and even drove past a house today with a bush shaped into a whale (seriously). and let's not mention the few random appearances of cthuhlu (alright, that's not quite whaling, but creatures/daemons of the sea... that works, right?).

any guesses as to what it all means? because i'm dreadfully curious at this point...

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