Friday, July 04, 2003

what does it say about a person when, between the choice of seeing DJ Spooky or seeing a Henrik Ibsen play, they choose the latter? when they give up seeing something that'd prolly be nice and distracting and nifty, for something that's bound to be at least a little dark and depressing (tho potentially still nifty)?

who knows.

still, got to see Brand last night. last minute. the ticketseller gave me a deal i couldn't refuse. and of course, interesting ideas. and norwegian flags - i'd forgotten Ibsen was norwegian... but i did like the show a lot. the only thing that grated was that, at the end, when all the actors were bowing, most people got applause, the leading lady got a little louder applause, and ralph fiennes got a standing ovation and whoops and cheers. not that he wasn't good, he was, but it's not as though the other actors weren't as good. particularly the leading actress. she was awesome. and i was happy that everyone clapped a little more for her, but ralph fiennes gets it because he's famous. people have a strange way of putting pointless values on people.

but like i said, good way to spend an evening.

met a south african dentist and the two of us had a busride discussion on how to live life. went to the national gallery but wasn't quite in the mood to examine pictures alone, so went up to various guards to ask them what their favourite pictures were and why. one chose raphael's crucifixion scene (i'm sure there's many, but i didn't note the title). my favourite guard hadn't been posted in that room for long, so he went around and debated the pros and cons of each picture with me. and then we talked artists getting jobs. and jazz. and places in england. and a bunch more. he was an older fellow, prolly in his 50s. liked him a lot. sat at trafalgar square and borrowed a pen from someone named mick, ended up chatting with him awhile. he'd been discharged from the army 14 hours ago and wasn't sad in the least, after 19 years of service. was just bumming around because he didn't really have a place to stay for a bit. went to the gulf in both the gulf war and the recent kafuffle, said that this past time was a great deal more frightening. told me stories about how much more fun trafalgar square was when you were still allowed to swim in the fountains. interesting fellow. took a photo of ed from london, who seemed rather amused by it all. made the mistake of visiting record shops near oxford street. heard thunder.

good times.

i'm sorry, this is rather travel-logue-ey, isn't it. haven't had any great revelations in the past couple days, though. i'm sure i'll write something more exciting as soon as it happens...

oh, but i hear tell that there are absolutely no return flights to canada before my plane ticket expires. hmmm...what to do...

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