Thursday, July 31, 2003

speaking of dreams. every time i stay in this house, i'm guaranteed to have strange dreams. or at least, i'm sure to remember them when i wake up. it's become the morning ritual at breakfast for the people i'm staying with to ask about the latest dreams. when i was here in january, they were all rather disturbing - intensely vivid images of people being shot (and watching the bullets pass through peoples' chests in exquisite detail in slow motion), people committing suicide - all to do with some sort of death but never seeming disturbing at the time. nor when i woke up. they seemed like they should have been disturbing, but they weren't.

this time, i haven't quite figured out what the theme is. one dream i was suddenly somewhere near mint manor so i went to visit and hung out with tavie and gina for awhile, took some crazily meandering freeway to get there, explored a crashed plane at the airport nearby, and a lot more, though i don't recall it anymore. another dream was nothing more than grocery shopping for a picnic with a couple from prague that i hardly even knew, and we were having a bit of trouble deciding on whether to get the lemon or the orange soda. a couple days ago someone that i used to work with (and who i should actually email, because i haven't emailed her once since i left) confessed her undying love for me but unfortunately she'd just been married the day before, so it was a shame she hadn't said anything before then.

maybe this time it's something about lifemates.* perhaps. or perhaps not.

but what's really got me curious is what the significance of the soda was...**

* you two have that "heterosexual lifemates" thing going, don't you? {g}
** yes, i know that "soda" is technically the 'merkin way of saying it, and i never actually do say soda, only pop, but for some reason in the dream it was "soda". strange but true!

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