Thursday, July 17, 2003

speaking of chinese acrobats, that was actually one of the really nifty things about the themepark. in fact, it was potentially reason enough to have gone today. to see people who're flexible and strong and talented and oh so many things that i wish i could be but never was and never will be flitting about onstage and bending in ways that shouldn't necessarily be possible (but are damn cool) and doing remarkable things balancing on poles and ropes and balls and so many more things... good god it was amazing. watching it made my bad knee even weaker, just imagining how much stress was actually being placed on any joint in their bodies.

(these are the things that having a bum knee make you notice. or like realising that when you're hiking or climbing or whatever it might be, you realise that you judge the hike not by the prettiness or by the effort that you put into it or anything good like that, but by how likely it is that you'll die if your knee suddenly gave out on you and you couldn't help but fall and start tumbling down the hill/cliff. sad, i tell ya!)

oh, which also reminds me, there was a 3D pirate movie. which, alas, was dubbed into german, because that's just what they do out here. but just as i was watching it waiting to see if it was dubbed or not, wondering if i'd see any english-speaking actors in it, i realised that A) the song was in english (because they still might not dub songs sometimes, even if the rest of the movie's in german) and B) that it was eric idle singing it. old eric idle, but eric nonetheless! and who played the brave Captain Lucky? leslie nielson. and as is expected, much of that humour still came through without the words to go with it. and i've realised that i actually do know some german because i managed to pick things up here and there as well. yay, me. so that was of minor amusement. it was just a shame i had no one to smirk about it all with. but you can't have everything, now, can you.

so alright. themeparks aren't entirely miserable. i still don't think they're for me, though. unless someone else pays. and so long as i at least get a decent rollercoaster ride out of the deal.

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