Tuesday, July 15, 2003

pathetically embarrassing confession of the meantime:
of all the disney musical cartoons that i've seen, at least the more recent ones from The Little Mermaid and onwards, if forced to pick a favourite love theme from them, i'd have to go with The Little Mermaid. and actually, i like that song anyways. better than any of the other love themes i can think of. Aladdin's was miserably easy-listening. Lion King's was too elton john, but in the bad sort of way (because some of his stuff is fun. can't help but have a little bit of a soft spot for someone with the gall to wear some of those outfits, now, can you?). Beauty and the Beast's was just...horrible, and again, terribly easy-listening when they re-recorded it for radio play. and those are all the ones i can come up with offhand. but Little Mermaid's.. it's really not so bad. and i've always been a sucker for songs that make use of whatever noises are around them. even though it was completely fabricated and drawn like that to fit the music rather than the other way around, but hey, it's disney, you can't ask for much more than that.*

these are the things you realise when you live with children and end up listening to kids' music more than you'd like.

this is also (another reason) why Emporer's New Groove is one of the best disney cartoons of recent times (if indeed the only truly bearable one). there is no love theme. and what songs are are sung by tom jones. and it would take a lot to mess his songs up (in a bad way, at least).

just realised that the commenting feature was acting up. which is why i didn't realise anyone left any comments for the past long while. sorry bout that. i wasn't trying to be rude..not that time, at least.. {g} all better now, though!

spent 4 hours chatting with jodi tonight. which is perfectly reasonable, seeing as i haven't spoken to her in at least two months, i don't think, and that's hardly a good way for a best friend to act now, is it. i so wish that phonecalls could be cheaper, though. it would be so much easier to leave people behind if you knew that you could talk to them as much as you pleased. and i know there's internet calling through icq or whathaveyou, but that's only good if you actually have the equipment for it, same with the other person, and that you're using a computer that you can install things on if need be...which is hard to do whilst travelling. mind you, if i get my laptop back out here, if i just find a mic, then that could be an option... who knows. not like i've ever looked into figuring any of that stuff out properly.

my godmother may think far less of me now, though, depending on if she overheard anything of what i was discussing with jodi. didn't realise that she was sitting outside the entire time until potentially far too late. i don't think i was talking too loud.. but this also reminds me that perhaps i should take my new pin off my bag. found it in london. couldn't resist it:

I FOUND JESUS..He was behind the sofa all along!

you know you're jealous.

* wait, do Pixar films count? although.. come to think of it they don't have love songs in them. well, the sarah maclaughlin one sorta counts i suppose, and it's not terrible, but.. not so memorable either, considering that i nearly forgot it. so nah, they don't count.

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