Thursday, July 31, 2003

ooh. was going to go to bed. but this has to be shared.

someone got ahold of my email address through a job-search posting, i think. and just sent me this email:

Subject: Canadian in Oslo

Hello Sarah,

I am a 33 years old Canadian working in Oslo. I would
like to meet somone to have some fun time while my
stay here. This can be kept discreet. Thank you


do you think that by "discreet" he means that we can't have wild and crazy sex in Vigelund Park? because if so, then there's just no way. but if by "discreet" he just means that we have to wear brown paper bags with smiley-faces drawn on 'em over our heads while we do it...

s'a shame that everyone here's asleep now. almost choked meself holding back from laughing out loud... {g}

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