Saturday, July 19, 2003

i've decided that i want to do one of those cleansing diet things. i've been treating my body absolutely terribly lately (in so many ways, too), and somehow need to make amends. yesterday i even ended up just sitting watching the tour de france on television eating chips rather than going for a bikeride meself. alright, that may not sound too bad, and watching the TdF actually makes for some really nice images of the french countryside and the more i see of it the more i'm playing with the idea of doing my own tour de france trip some summer (not to take part in the race, but i'd do it at my own pace.. it'd be fun!), but y'see, i tend to hate watching sports on television. i think it's one of the most pointless things to do, and would normally be outside doing the sport rather than watching it. but lately i've become lazy. and this must change.

although it'll prolly have to wait a week, as zee germans are headed south for a week and i'm going with, and you can never hold to any diet when you're travelling or staying as someone's guest. besides, i'm sick as a dog at this point and should prolly try to kick that before i start living on cabbage soup alone.

so anyone got any recommendations as to a good one? they were the cool thing to do a few years back, i know of at least 3 or 4 of them that people were trying, but i don't know which ones were good. so any advice is welcome!

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