Monday, July 14, 2003

i'm worried.

had an extremely strange and vivid dream last night that i figure is worthy of sharing. more because if i make a big deal about the dream, then i can be certain that there'll be no truth to it whatsoever. murphy's law, you know. alas, because it's a dream, it'll be all scattered, but no one's making you read this now, are they. {g}

it all took place in some mansion that you'd find in the english countryside. well, in and around. at some point there was a group of us standing somewhere outside on the grounds, when there was some fantastical electric storm in the distance that started zooming towards us. first just lightning balls but then spirits or ghosts of some sort. they were all orange-y fire-y shapes but you could see the details shadowed within them. we all ducked for cover and the first batch passed over, but when the second bunch screamed overhead it was as though something sucked all the air out as it went by - made my ears pop and chest get tight. so figured it might be best to leave before the next ones came (you could see them in the distance). started running and ran into the sister and niece of one of my friends (although they themselves weren't anywhere in it) and the three of us dashed back through the woods to the estate. while we were there, the spirits were still coming about, and at first we all did our best to keep them out of rooms and such (not out of fear, though. just because it felt wrong.), but pretty soon we just gave in and let them come. and they didn't do any harm, just talked to us (or at least to me, we'd all separated at that point), and i remember there being some fascinating conversation, although don't recall it at all. do recall suddenly realising that i'd yanked a molar out and just to be certain, took out what seemed to be my entire top dental plate and sure enough, there was a tooth missing, although the other teeth all looked terribly cavity-ridden and disgusting. i was just annoyed that now i was going to have to go through the bother of trying to see a dentist while i was out in europe now, although, i told meself, i'd managed to deal with doctors just fine while i was in prague, so it couldn't be all that bad.

and then i woke up. extremely abruptly. one of those times when you wake up and realise you're already sitting up because you feel like something's happening. but it was only 4am-ish and i'd only slept for a few hours at that point.

and it's the fact that i woke up like that that scares me at the moment, because i somehow feel like there's something important in that dream. and i'm hoping like hell that it's not the losing-teeth imagery. i'd completely forgotten about it until this morning. was putting tea tree oil on heike's sunburn and she mentioned that it's good for your mouth sometimes, and suddenly i remembered dreaming about losing teeth. and then remembered that the fallback symbolism of that is someone you know dying. and there's one important person that i can't get ahold of at the moment.

and now i'm worried.

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