Friday, July 18, 2003

i was about to call ed when i realised that he's gone to nanaimo for the day. doh. so much for that idea. hope he has fun, though. find many obscure records, ed!

there are a great many things that are simply the best combinations imaginable. or at least the most perfect/expected. for example:
strawberries and chocolate.
raspberries and cream.
late nights and good friends.
cheap phonecalls and (again) good friends.
(good) whiskey and cigarettes.
climbing rocks and 8 yr old boys.
camberwell and camberwell carrots.*
milk and cookies.
eccentricism and brits.
apples and cinnamon.
daniel and afros.
sarah and indecision.

there are plenty more. i'm just too tired to come up with any more at the moment. i'm sure i'll add more as time goes by.

tired, but not sleepy. worst place to be, i tell ya. well, especially when coupled with bored but chatty and nobody to talk to.

* see Withnail & I for the reference. no, see Withnail & I and then visit Camberwell, and then get the reference.

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