Thursday, July 17, 2003

i think that, for the first time ever, i've been having a headache purely due to barometric pressure. it's really incredibly annoying. all day long it just got worse and worse and it's not quite like any other headache i've ever had. fortunately the forcast is calling for thunderstorms overnight, but even if that doesn't happen, the weather's still changing so hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow.

and speak of the devil, there's lightning in the distance. thank god for that...

in other news, i've never been to disneyland or disneyworld or anything else like it, and after today, i'm all the more determined never to do anything about that. was at an amusement park that was basically a mini-disneypark, i went because olaf wanted to do something nice for me and invite me along with his godson and nephew. not that i'm not grateful for the invite. and not that it didn't have its perks. but i can think of a number of other ways i'd prefer to spend my days. like swimming at the lake later on in the evening. that was definitely the highlight of the day. particularly getting to dunk the aformentioned brothers (godson and nephew) countless times and trying desperately to avoid being dunked meself. there are times when language barriers simply do not exist, and those tend to be wonderful.

apparently i can have knee surgery out in europe and it would still be covered, as long as it looks like i'm a full-time student. could get around this by not submitting the claim until i am a fulltime student once again. also, olaf insists that i could take courses for free because that's just the way that the german system works. i don't believe him, but i may as well look into it anyways. i still really have absolutely no clue what i'm doing.

well, in general, at least. for the moment, i'm going outside to watch the storm. goodbye, headache!

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