Saturday, July 19, 2003

i really wish that:

- i hadn't been so lazy/ill this week and managed to contact consulates earlier. because all that talk about worrying about making a bad mistake.. well it didn't have to be a bad one except that now i might be fucking meself over by not doing anything at all.
- my nose would stop running.
- i could upload new photos. but i don't have my laptop or the cables to download photos. oh well.
- businesses didn't work on business hours. especially embassies.
- i could sit online and look things up (like visa requirements and all that) all day long without feeling guilty about it.
- i had a car and unlimited gas so that i could do about 14 things in a day that all involve travelling around.
- i had money.
- i could decide on a plane ticket to norway and just buy the damn thing already (but now this actually leans on when/if i apply for a visa from germany, because i'll have to submit my passport in with the rest, and can't change countries if i don't have a passport... good god this is frustrating.).
- i could have a maggie-style grilled cheese sandwich right now.

and yet absolutely none of those are going to work out. well, except maybe my nose running. that's gotta fix itself soon enough.. it's summer! there's no such thing as being sick in summer!

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