Monday, July 07, 2003

drooled throughout camden town (oh to be rich just for just one afternoon..), was shocked going to harrod's right after (my god the richness!), finished the tate modern, learned about shiatsu, then caught the bus to yorkshire.

i like kate. i like visiting her. people like her (and her parents, for that matter - they truly do embody the eccentric english countryside couple) give me hope for my future, because they prove that there's no need to grow up anytime soon. and now that i've seen more of her artwork, i am oh so much more impressed and awed. we made felted fabric, explored york, munched our way along the waterfront (mmmfresh seafood and ice cream) and went fossil-hunting by the cliffs in whitby, saw the kilburn white horse, and generally wasted time.

i wish i had the talent to be an artist, though. kate and her brother make it appear so much simpler than it probably is. but i suppose you can't expect anything less from the offspring of such eccentric parents. {g}

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