Sunday, July 20, 2003

come on, norwegians! you know you want me to work for you! i'm smart, i'm talented, i'm a fast learner, i'm cute (well..not really, but we'll pretend), i can speak french too! i do have it on good authority that i'm a very likeable person, and surely that's good for something! doesn't that make you want to pay me just to exist? i'll be up there sometime next month, i can come say hi and you can give me a decent job, and then we'll all be happy, won't we?

and as for lodging, well.. if you put me up at your place, i'll gladly braid your hair and offer the occassional massage as well... no, not that kind of massage. try to be a little bit mature, now.

well whatever. a girl can hope.

feeling a little depressed looking at visa information. i'd still like to work in norway, but i've given up even trying for there at the moment. no, it's the UK info that's confusing me. some pages say 1-5 business days, other say 4-6 weeks. i say i don't want to give up my passport (my only real piece of ID at this point, what with wallet having been stolen) for that long, especially if i still plan on going to norway next month. strangely, the UK visa page also said that canadians can't au-pair there. curious.. but whatever. i just want someone to tell me that if i just go along with things as i have been, that everything will work out.

so many decisions to make, and i can't make any at all because i don't know which information to believe. goddammit, it's frustrating. but i'm choosing to believe the information that makes me happier. delusional, perhaps. what's your point?

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