Wednesday, July 02, 2003

the blogger posting layout's changed again. peculiar.


meteorological phenomena.

quit yankin my chain.

s'an oversized hat. s'funny.

don't mind me.

so i be in london now. in ing-gull-land. "england swings" has been stuck in my head all day long. so strange being in an english-speaking country. it's been so long. and you know what? i actually don't feel too comfortable understanding the conversations going on around me. not at all. when peoples' cell phones ring and they answer them speaking english, it's grating. i want them to speak any language i don't understand. or at least don't know as well as english.

i think i'm in a bit of a Mood today.

still, it's fun hearing english accents everywhere. staying with a friend's brother, who turns out to be this extremely cool individual. we stayed up late discussing a lot of music and his extremely artsy friends and working as a dj and all this. he looks exactly like kate, too. it's strange. but i was feeling a little worried about imposing on someone i don't know, but i think it's all cool.

managed to catch a ride to london city from the stansted airport from a random stranger i met in the airport as well, which was actually surprisingly entertaining. especially because i kept having minor shocks when the car turned into the wrong lane. or at least, it did in my head. i can suddenly understand how the aussies were really perturbed by that for awhile when they came to canada, because i never thought it would be such a huge deal. but i have to really think hard when i cross roads, because i do automatically look the wrong way. every time.

it's fun. {g}

looking up courses at sfu and finding very few that i need being offered next semester. this could be problematic... but i'll figure that out in germany, i suppose. i hope. at least it's cheap to call canada from there.

anyways. in england. must go do stuff.

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