Tuesday, July 22, 2003

alright. quick (boring) updates:
free trip to munich because olaf had business meetings there. also included free food, because the company paid. even for the litre steins. rah rah rah. munich was actually really nice. hot and muggy making for nifty thunderstorms. sat in parks listening to accordian players. spent a day in the deutsches museum. discovered that there was a mathematician named moron - the possibilities for entertainment are endless. found out that i really do have absolutely no money at the moment. bit of a bother. almost started busking when the rain began to pour down. still plan on doing it in the next big city i visit, though. was snubbed by artsy farts in the pinacoteka (sp?) moderne but enjoyed it nonetheless. met extremely friendly munich-inhabitants who offered any help i'd need if i decided to find a job there (unfortunately that's not the plan, not like i actually have one, but it was still nice of them). had stilted simplistic mostly-german conversations with people on the street. fun times.

accidentally ended up on the phone with my grandma the other day. (i thought that she was still in the okanagan, thought i'd catch my sister rather than my grandma.) only talked to her for a couple minutes but mentioned that i thought i would be staying out here longer now. she's the first and only person from home to immediately say, "well that's WONDERFUL dear! i think that's a great idea!" i needed to hear that from someone.

still planning on staying in europe. but as zhan put it, i just have to figure out which subroute to take. (GEEK! {g}) zee germans would love for me to stay as a nanny. if they were closer to a city, i prolly would. as it is though, they've offered me only the price of a plane ticket home (which is reasonable, i'm not complaining about that), but i need to earn more than that - pay off credit cards, hopefully fit one trip in to prague or finland or something. but too far away from a bit city here to get a job on top of nannying, and i think that the towns in this area are too small to do any English tutoring. seriously. and i'd still be going nuts not getting to know anyone my age. i think that the best idea is prolly to get the visa to the UK and work there, although i'm not sure how much i'd end up making after taxes and living expenses go in. and i really would feel guilty not staying with zee germans, if only because they're being so nice about putting me up for the meantime, even if i'm helping out here at the moment as well...i'd still feel bad (i think). and of course there's always the dream of going to norway to work, but i think that option's nothing more than a dream, so i should just drop it at this point. {g}

at the moment, all i know is that by august 15th i should be fishing out on the ocean, though. which means i'm not allowed to be worrying about things anymore. which means that by then. i'll have to have a plan figured out. a cunning plan. a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

well, here's hoping, at least.

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