Monday, June 30, 2003

wow. don't log in for a week and everything changes. don't think i'm a fan of the new blogger layout though.. can't scroll through old posts while you're writing the new ones. bothersome.

at any rate.

so updates! midsummer's night was full of rain, so plans to go out in the boat and have a bbq party were dashed. indoor beach party with the hippie commune of sandefjord instead, which was still fun. lise and frode taught me some norwegian. so now i can thank everyone and their dog for the food in norwegian! success! or something...

planned to go to stockholm. met someone on the train heading to turku, finland, because apparently there was a ferry that was going to leave when we arrived in stockholm, and it was 2 hours from turku to helsinki (covered by the railpass, of course), so ended up going with him instead. turns out the ferry trip was free with the railpass, so got 2 nights free accomodation! saw Phone Booth on the way there (these are some souped-up ferries, i tell ya!), entertaining, i suppose. it tried too hard. arrived in turku, wandered briefly, caught the train to helsinki, found out that it's actually a really nifty place! some fascinating architecture. i was content to just walk all over the city and explore, lots of art nouveau, beautiful parks, fun atmosphere. and i had absolutely no idea about the architecture out there. but i couldn't stay there too long, seeing as i'll have to go back when sanni's actually back home. need to leave things left to discover. and hey! ferry ride back that night = free bed and shower!

met (another) friendly finnish person on the ferry, her friend's coming to vancouver at some point, so maybe i'll get a guest.

got into stockholm 7am, after dumping my stuff, started a-wandering all over again. linn, i'm jealous. bee-YOU-tiful city. saw people hanging out in their houseboats reading the morning paper. found me my own fjallraven backpack (after a huge amount of searching - saw them all over denmark, all over helsinki, but when i was finally in sweden, couldn't find them anywhere, and no one knew what i was talking about! it's a swedish brand of bag, for people who don't know. sanni had one that i really liked, although i got a larger size than hers is..because you care to know that..) at a store that was entirely staffed by native-english speakers (america, aussie, and british). found an awesome comic book store in the old town, and an even niftier music shop. found some great swedish music, and even got to relate to the person working there, when one song reminded me of an I Mother Earth song and he actually knew it, if only because he loves canada and goes to TO all the time to see hockey games. he was even wearing a Finger Eleven shirt (not that i care in the least for the band, but the fact that he was wearing it.. it amused me). wandered around in the southern part of town (definitely eclectic). met a photographer for the newspaper with a sweet-ass camera.

wandered back to the hostel but didn't really feel like giving up for the day, but still didn't know what to do. went to the grocery store to get something to snack on, when i walked towards the door some friendly (and vaguely drunk) swede walked out and asked me something in swedish, figured out i spoke english, pointed to the taxi and told me his friends were headed to the amusement park, would i like to come? i said i had no money. he said he'd pay. so i went! and when we got the entrance, after obvious hints and whatnot, he said,"the thing i want to know, is when we've played at the amusement park, you and me, will we get yiggy with it?" laughed and told him hell no. told him i was leaving in two hours because i planned on getting up early the next day. he said alright and paid my way in anyways. but it was his friend who ended up being more fun. kim (the first guy) ended up getting mad at him when i told him to tie his own shoes, but bert (niklas, who was rather drunk, but fun to talk to) bought me a beer, and took me wandering around the park, and told me that because it was the rollercoaster that i'd said i wanted to go on, we'd go on it, twice! bought us tickets, bought me the photo of us on the coaster afterwards (even though i told him not to), explained how that park and that ride epitomized and was the perfect metaphor for sweden (did i mention he was drunk?), and then we wandered around looking for his friends that we'd lost. never did see any of them again, but he told me about his two sons (he's 37 today, actually, so happy birthday bert!), told me about his girlfriend that he missed muchly (they were all from southern sweden, had come for the iron maiden concert, but they'd bought tickets before he'd hooked up with her, and he'd have given up the concert for her but she told him that he had to go and she'd be there when he got back) but that he was determined to have fun this weekend nonetheless... i liked bert. niklas. whatever you want to call him. {g}

other random images of stockholm: the kid with an actual harry potter-esque birthmark on his forehead, and the boy playing with his doll, then leaving wearing a (pink) baby-carrier toting his baby along with him. yay, lack of gender roles!

and then back to sandefjord. railpass expired yesterday. out in the boat today, went back searching for the anchor we'd lost the week before (long tale, but we blame cthulhu), still couldn't retrieve it. i caught a cod worthy of eating, but we'd already that today was sport-fishing only (and yes, i do feel some guilt in that, but that's for another entry). lise and frode came out later on and we chased the sunshine. found an awesome cove to bob in for awhile, until the wind picked up. dropped those two off, had to get back to the boatdock, tried fishing some more but the wind got way too strong, nearly died in the waves (but OH so much fun... i love the ocean), and now pasta for dinner.

tomorrow, catching a plane to london. anyone have any suggestions where to see? [long lament about not wanting to leave here omitted...]

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