Monday, June 23, 2003

this is a trip of firsts:

first time french braiding AND braiding my own hair (and it looked rather good, i must say!)
first time finding out what touching an electric fence feels like (accidentally too. nice shock.)
first time casting out a fishing line
first time catching a fish (pollack, apparently)
first time watching a fish gutted
first time eating monkfish (tasty)
first time seeing whale jawbones
first time finding out what sea-sickness is like (although apparently the ocean was super-choppy yesterday, and today i was perfectly fine, so hopefully that won't happen again...)

...and so on.

down south of oslo, a town called sandefjord. going out in the boat in fishing. improving the tan. eating some awesome seafood.

in all honesty, i would much much MUCH rather stay here for the rest of the summer. i like the sound of norwegian more than german, learning german's just an excuse to stay in europe. but to stay in a town by the sea, especially if you know someone with a boat and fishing poles, going town to the harbour most days anyways, fresh sea breeze, mostly sunny days, beautiful scenery...

course, my image of where i'd stay in germany is one from january, when everything was pretty but largely dead and frozen, so maybe i'd fall in love with that place too.

it's just been so long since i've been by the ocean, it's really nice to be here now. especially eating fresh seafood.

aiyaa... i'm a complainer.

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