Tuesday, June 10, 2003

sarah got to see the cowboy bebop movie in the theatre last night! in japanese. with english subtitles. in oslo. !?! apparently there's not a huge audience for anime out here at all, so why it was being shown, i do not know. but it started the day that i arrived here, and it only seemed proper to see it. and everyone in the theatre liked it. hurrah!

but that was only to be expected.

also, the day after i arrived was free music fest about town. norwegians dance funny. and vancouver really needs to get some proper free music fests like that one.

debating whether to go to that music festival alone or not. it starts on thursday, so if i go, i have to skedaddle. dunno, though... i'm sure i'd make friends, but still. is it better to go or to save the money, considering how exorbitantly expensive everything is here (with my super weak canadian money)?* hrmm.. got a credit card, so have money again, though. it's nice to not feel completely poor anymore. may not have a lot of money, but i have a little bit again! {g}

at any rate. oslo reminds me of vancouver, strangely enough. i like it. don't know if it's the climate or the atmosphere or the people or the mishmash or architecture or what. though it's quite fun wandering around with the most pessimistic tourguide in the world. friends are grand. {g} course, the strange amount of python, young ones, black adder, zim, and other non-norwegian references being made astounding. and good fun.

thinking about trying to figure out if i can stay out in europe longer more and more at this point. don't really feel like going home at this point. all that's really urgent there is school and knee surgery, and one (or possibly even both) can be dealt with out here, if need be...

i promise i'll come up with a more interesting post some other time.

* not complaining about the costs up here, i knew it was expensive coming here, although still. it was still a bit of a surprise..

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