Tuesday, June 17, 2003

i saw a muskox! it was goin like this: *chomp chomp chomp*...

norway's kinda nifty. {g}

though what was even better was the train conductor coming up to me a little while later, shoving his face in front of me and, with a gruff norwegian accent, asking, "did you see it??" i must have looked a little confused (and perturbed?), so he clarified, "the muskox! did you see it?"

nice guy. i liked him. {g}

so left oslo (and free lodging - doh!). bounced all over. russian brass bands (they played Brazil!) and fish markets in bergen, hiking and relaxing in flaam (cuz i don't think the proper letter will show up), nifty free-afterhours open-air museums in lillehammer, hanging around aaselund (jungendstil town! so gorgeous.. and free laundry!), beautiful waterfall and friendly aussie in hellesylt, amazing ferryride to geiranger (hiking behind waterfalls, though i think norwegians walk a LOT slower, because the hike that should have taken an hour one way took me 45 minutes both ways, if that), hitching a ride from someone through the mountains to aandalsnes, picnicking on the grass by the trainstation with czech travellers in dombaas (oh becherovka, how i missed thee..), and now here, trondheim. university town. really nice atmosphere. norwegian landscape reminds me a lot of BC landscape. and of course it's magnificent to see, but at the same time, i think i'm almost not appreciating it quite enough, simply because in a roundabout way, i'm sorta used to it. except that at the same time, it feels so familiar that it's quite nice here. i'm just being lazier here than i've been elsewhere (ie: not hiking near as much as i'd have thought i would have). i just wish i knew norwegian. everyone assumes i'm from here, s'just a shame that i can't ever answer them when they ask me questions. but anyways. beautiful country. even from train/bus windows.

got an email from my german connection (it sounds so much more interesting calling him that) saying that i'd be more than welcome to live with them for as long as i want, nanny a little, travel a little, borrow their car whenever i want, learn german... so i'm thinking i could do distance courses for the fall semester. although then i'm wondering if my exchange credits would go through properly, or if that would just become a huge mess. though i don't see why i would have to deal with those sorts of things in person. and as for knee surgery, well either i'd just stay until the end of august and then be back in time for that, or i could postpone it a little more or find someone in germany to do it. possibly. possibly not. advice pleasepleaseplease?

the only problem is money. because i wouldn't be making any. so maybe i should go home for the fall. get surgery. get a work study position. get some sit-down job.

and any thoughts of going to cuba for my birthday might be lost if i stay. though random searches today is making me think that it's not really an option anyways, unfortunately. why can't travelling be cheaper? it's such a worthwhile experience, it shouldn't cost a fortune to see the rest of the world!

either way though, whenever i do go home, still have the stopover in Toronto, during which time i'm still hope hope hoping to work in a bus trip down to Mint Manor if i can. because that would be oh so much fun. and then i might learn how to knit, too! {g}

oh, and last night i met someone from New Caledonia (she had the map ready to show where that was, i think she gets the blank stare when she says its name a lot), who's actually had the same knee surgery i'll have to have. sorta. except that she says her knee still pops out when she moves it in certain ways. which frightens me. although she also said that she should have had it done somewhere other than new caledonia as well. but she was walking properly in a month and running within three, she says, so.. maybe it won't be so bad? (i'm pretending to be optimistic.. it's all i can do..) then again, i've gotten rather attached to my brace these days, feel near-invincible wearing it when i'm running up and down rocky mountains, and can't ask for much more than that now, can you..right?

maybe you can. bah.

on the plus side, the canadian dollar's risen against the norwegian crown! hurrah!

weather's splendid. i should be outside.

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