Wednesday, June 18, 2003

i have a favourite cafe in trondheim now. only been in there once. went in by chance, because i asked the owner a question on the street and she offered me the store phone rather than having to fight with payphones. and then offered me free coffee and asked with genuine concern if everything was alright. and they were playing calm louis armstrong the whole while, which set the perfect mood. matt would have loved it. so when you go to trondheim, visit the dromedare cafe. it was good coffee, too. i just should never be allowed to have coffee after 11:30pm. sat and chatted with finns until far to early in the morning, chattering away because of the caffeine keeping me going. well, Tatu didn't seem to mind, at least. and now i've got a source for finnish music suggestions as well. hurrah!

actually, that's one thing that i'm quite impressed with here in norway: the amount of norwegian music that i hear played on the radio and on tv and the number of norwegian bands that seem to be incredibly popular. when i asked, no one seemed to know of any sort of can-con-like rule for norwegian broadcasting, people just happen to support their own bands well enough that you're more (or maybe just as) likely to hear a norwegian band on the radio than an american one. or at least, it's extremely well-balanced. people just support their own music without having to put regulations in place to maintain it! which really makes me wish that canada would get rid of the can-con rule. or at least modify it some, so that it becomes something more along the lines of limiting the big american bands, because you know that that's why it's really in place. so long as you're playing bands that aren't so well-known, or music from all over the world rather than predominantly (mediocre, more often than not) popular american bands (which yes, are popular in canada too, i realise that, but there's a lot more out there than what's regularly played!). even the not-so-known american bands, as long as it's good music (oh i know i'm living in a dream world there). but make it so that you play the not-so-known bands more often, and maybe (maybe!) there would be more support for canadian music, so that we don't have to rely on a regulation to hear a goodly amount of it! i mean, once people know it exists, everything's dandy, no?

as though people haven't complained about that many times before.

off to enjoy moby dick at the park. it shall be a pointless day, but a good one!

Addendum: apparently dromedare is a chain. so the one closer to kristiansten. that's the one that's the good one. the other one didn't look near as inviting, anyways. it did remind me, however, that i haven't seen a starbucks store in ages. that makes me happy...

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