Thursday, June 19, 2003

conductor: [looking at my ticket] where are you going?
me: hell!
conductor: ah! well, have a pleasant trip! or.. something....
me: thanks!


today i went to Hell and back. accompanied on the train by children from Hell, who were all quite sweet, really. you go through this cute little tunnel through the rocks and past some beautiful scenery before arriving at the train station of Hell. when i got there i noticed a few hellfires burning, though that could have just been weeds people were destroying. saw the Hell Taxi, the mullet from Hell (actually, it was one of the worst i've seen), made a phonecall from the payphone from Hell and told the other person that really, he should go to Hell someday. and then i came back.

really, a rather pleasant way to spend the day! Hell's a nice little village, technically they have a mall a little ways away, but i didn't go near it. just stayed to the tree-lined dirt roads of Hell. and the best thing was, considering i had no idea what was actually in Hell, turns out they have some nifty old rock carvings there as well! though couldn't read the information posting, seeing as it was all in norwegian. i'll get it translated sometime.

and then came back and relaxed in the park for the rest of the afternoon. have i mentioned how much i like this place? and if you do ever come to trondheim, go to Hell. it's only a halfhour train ride away, and really, even if there's absolutely nothing of excitement there, it's a nice place!

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