Wednesday, June 04, 2003

because it made me nearly laugh out loud in the library:
I will mauled by a mob of midgets.

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

also, it's hard to feel depressed when you start skipping. might still feel vaguely unhappy for whatever reason, but not depressed.

also, i think tavie and gina were in my dream last night. but i don't remember why.

also, the canadian dollar converts into fewer danish kroner than i thought. damn, i feel poor.

also, i think i figured out where i knew that song from. suddenly hit me on the train today. is that on the gonzales album? which i don't actually own, but just have a bunch of music downloaded (evil!). i think that's it...

also, i keep having the same stupid thought every time the train goes through a traffic intersection, have since i started taking the train, prolly always will: "wow, aren't we lucky to get the green light!" and then i realise how stupid a thought it really is.

also, starting each tidbit with "also" is such an unimaginitive thing to do. but look at me not care.

also, i'm hungry. must search out the elusive "cheap food" in aarhus.

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