Sunday, May 11, 2003

today's just one of those forget-to-eat sort of days. woke up, started trying to pack more, had a needed-talk online, packed more, met my mom at the airport, found her a place to stay, came back and packed more, moved to aqueel's room, cleaned up the mess i made of his place in moving in there, got distracted looking up music festivals together, started doing research for a paper or two, wrote emails, visited the dvorak room, played snood, had a nice long (pointless) chat over the phone with other people in the kolej, came back down, and now we're here.

boiling water for pasta now. but really, i just want to sleep. didn't even do much today and i'm tired. so silly.

so much cleaning and packing though. i feel thoroughly dirty and grimy. and uninspired enough to have a shower. i truly am disgusting.

MOST EXCITING ENTRY EVER, don't you think?

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