Saturday, May 03, 2003

there's nearly nothing that can beat a night out spent drinking lightly (ie: perhaps reaching the buzzed stage, if that, but nothing more) and constant chatting with someone else. preferably the same person, because it means that you're actually getting to know someone, as opposed to just making random acquaintances that in the end don't mean so much.

it's especially nice if after the bar closes (at 5am) you take the long walk home and play pooh sticks on the vltava river (although the sticks magically never appear on the other side of the bridge, prolly due to an ill-planned position of tossing) and walk up through the park til you reach home (even if it's not the other person's home, but they manage to find a spare bed anyways) and even though you're not tired, you can't have any complaints as to how the night has gone.

and you even got to walk through a little rain shower amidst the warmth of the morning on the way up through the park.

nearly nothing.

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