Thursday, May 15, 2003

so. because i only found out at the last minute that i had to HAD TO take an extra course, which resulted in it being two supposed "half-courses" that actually involve a lot more work and thought and everything than most of the other courses in the programme out here, and because i've had more time to work with one topic, and found out that i actually like it a lot and actually want to learn more about it except for the fact that A) i don't have time right now and B) i don't read czech, and considering that what little research there's actually been into the topic that exists period, the chances of finding anything in english are slim to nil (with emphasis on the latter)... because of these factors, i'm going to be handing in one decent-to-good essay, and one that's not going to make my puff my chest out with pride, but will at least give me the credit i need in order to avoid having my loan retracted and SFU getting upset. which is a real shame, because i do so like the prof for that class as well. i just wish i'd known that i needed the course a lot earlier, with more time to actually work on things, or perhaps if it just weren't on milan kundera, i could have found it so much more exciting to do work for it... (i have my reasons for not caring much for kundera at this point, just trust me on that one)

but this is boring. in short: of the three papers left to hand in, one's technically finished, it just needs tweaking, it's far from grand but it'll do the job at this point, one will be a good one that i'm actually trying for, and the last will be finished and enter the "good enough" category. i feel so terrible settling for "good enough", but at the same time, it's prague. i'm leaving it soon. credits transfer to pass/fail. if the topic's not meaning a hell of a lot to me, i'm just going to work to finish it and be done with it.

so i'll have one time in my academic career when my standards went downhill miserably. i'll make up for it come the fall. won't have much else to do while i sit and recover from surgery, so i'll become Best Student Ever!! what fun..

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