Wednesday, May 21, 2003

{singsong}i've got a secret... and i'm not telling what it is...{/singsong}

it's a good one though. i'll share it soon enough, anyways.

and i got mail! hurrah! replies will come as soon as i can send them. but thanks for the lovin'!

last day in prague. collecting some last-minute research for the paper i'll be writing on the trainride to meet my mom in leipzig. want to go take pictures in all the metro stations. wanted to see divoka sarka, but don't think i'll get to. s'alright, that won't be the same without tegan and alister. want to say goodbye and play with the kids. i'll have to upload their photos sometime - kuba's going to be a photographer when he grows up, i think. want to go to zelena, see jazz. seeing the matrix reloaded at midnight (yes, heard it's relatively terrible, but all the more reason to see it for cheap and with friends who love bashing movies, no?). gotta pack and get a train ticket, but all in all, i'm accomplishing all i want to well enough..

just don't want to leave for good. and i suppose i'll prolly be back eventually. who knows, maybe i'll follow all the other people writing their thesis on something relating to prague just for the excuse to come back here.

but that's to be figured out another time. still have a lot of time before going home, between germany, scandinavia, india, and any other detours. so hopefully i'll be able to keep this updated regularly enough as well.

i will miss coming and chatting all night long with jonny. it's terrible because he's supposed to be studying and i'm supposed to be...well, don't know what exactly, but certainly not distracting, but we just have too much fun discussing pointless things. that end up coming up in other conversations a day later. this constant synchronicity in events is really getting strange. fun, making things predictable sometimes, but strange.

for now, must run to the train station.

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