Tuesday, May 20, 2003

since thursday morning, every time i've checked my mail i've had at least 30+ messages. and absolutely all of them have been spam. alright, there were a couple that were from the scarlet tide brigade mailing list, but those still aren't emails for me! and at this point, we're nearing practically a week. a week with no personal emails at all!

it makes me want to cry.

well, not really. but if this continues, it might! c'mon, send me some lovin'. sarah needs to procrastinate! i might even reply! (extra kudos if i don't know you yet, because new friends are always a good thing.)

saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind yesterday. i should have remembered that charlie kaufmann did the screenplay. even though i'd forgotten, i should have realised it when throughout the whole movie i kept thinking "i really have to see this again, not because i'm in love with this film, but because it's another movie that demands a couple viewings before verdicts are made." which is how i always feel in kaufmann movies. his screenplays always have a certain feeling to them, makes you feel like maybe there's something more that you're not quite getting. doesn't mean that there necessarily is, all the time, but. i think i liked it though. despite the george clooney factor. music was good. though can anyone tell me: his little jazzy theme, just played on the piano, it's played a few times throughout the film, often when he's by himself, iirc, i know i have that song on a cd somewhere, and it's just a little track, possibly even nameless. and i can't for the life of me remember which cd it is, or which band it is. so does anyone know? did anyone else find it familiar?

there was more to write. i forget it all now, though.

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