Tuesday, May 06, 2003

medical update:


no SARS either, afaik.

aching neck: spasming muscles, apparently. dunno why, s'just annoying. was offered muscle relaxants, but i'm sure i can find them around the kolej if i really decide i need them.

swollen lymph nodes: prolly due to the cold (which is what i figured it was, but with everything together i was still a little worried). doctor took a blood test just to double check things though. YES!! BLOOD TEST!!! yes, i deserve a medal. went through a blood test without so much as a whimper, i am so very brave... and a liar. i did whimper. but i still did it anyways! without fainting or even getting the slightest bit light-headed! just minorly stressed. but i can handle stress. but i digress.

hurting chest: no idea. it may actually be a small fracture in the rib at this point. doctor poked around, found one spot that killed when he pushed on it, found that pushing on the sides of certain ribs did hurt, so... s'possible i really do have a slightly broken rib. i may not be drinking milk much here, but that's just pathetic. i could have gone for x-rays, but the time and money just aren't worth it because even if it really is a fracture, there's nothing to do about it but rest.

the problem now is that i really can't carry bags. i've noticed it getting worse over the past week, my chest hurting when i'm carrying a backpack, but just tried to ignore it. when i got up to leave i was told off by the doctor for putting on the little one i had with me. so i mentioned the fact that i'm supposed to be heading off travelling in a week or two with a big backpack. he just looked at me and shook his head. so i don't quite know what to do. my mom coming is prolly a good thing, because she'll have a rental car which means i won't have to carry things so much for awhile there, but i have to hopehopehope that my chest'll feel better by the time i reach hamburg, because then it's back to real backpacking again. hmm.

::cough::mattisafucker::cough:: {g}

knee surgery: they were kind enough to not call me with my date for the past few weeks, or to call my parents to let them know what it was. but apparently i have surgery on august 25th. i was originally told that i should be able to get it in july, that it would be better to do that if i have to go to classes come september, considering the difficulty i'll prolly have walking for the first long while. but no. i come home early july (largely because i have to have surgery) only to wait a couple months before i can finally have it. this also doesn't bode well for getting a job come september.

i should just stay in europe at this rate. yes, i'm rather pissed off right now.

today was good though. didn't get much work done. celebrated cinco de mayo with matt buying mexican food at the most american foodplace i've been to in all my time in europe. it was despicable. food wasn't bad though. and then we stocked up on vitamin-sun whilst paddleboating around the river for awhile. tormented ducks. blew bubbles that were freaks of nature, that would leave nasty residue wherever the finally did deflate (they never popped), and amused ourselves watching them stick to peoples' clothes or hair or watch people go to grab them and snicker at how annoyed they'd be when they saw the mess the bubble'd leave in their hands. we're bastards. and rounded out the day with excellent italian.

and, after a year of harrassing the man, kevin (aka: fucker) may finally have my missing negatives. we'll see what brent comes up with when he picks them up tonight.

i can't believe i'm going back home only to wait an extra 2 months for knee surgery, which was exactly what i was told i wouldn't have to do. goddammit...

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