Saturday, May 17, 2003

leave-date from praha extended. again. but this time it's definite: gonna leave on tuesday. or wednesday. or possibly thursday morning. if i decide to stick around to see the opening of Matrix Reloaded. though from the spoilers i've read it may not be worth it. but at the same time, if i stick around here then i pay far less to see it, and i get to see it with people who'll ballast it to bits with me. people who i'll be pretty unlikely to see again. so maybe, at that, it will worth it.

and they've got a midnight showing of the first movie in the theatres and then the second one, and movie marathons with big comfy seats and supercheap popcorn and awesome sound are always a good thing.

but we'll see.

got back one of the papers today, as well, with extremely complimentary comments on it. for the amount of research that i didn't do on it, i do not deserve it. however, even just writing that paper, or talking to her about some of it, it's made me really curious about the czech literature. and it makes me sad that i can't read more stories by certain authors because i just can't read czech. and it makes me want to research a lot more into czech modernist writing and lesbianism in the czech republic at the turn of the century. because it's interesting. and because what little is written, it's hardly been translated at all.

so maybe i have a thesis i could fall back to. one that involves coming back to central europe for awhile. because obviously, there's a shortage of research in that area....


other than that, there's not a lot going on. tearooms that i'm sorry i didn't know about before now, wandering around town with a videocamera, lip-synching to Strangers in the Night, and just general lack-of-sleep-hyperness yesterday. beautiful sunshiney day today. meeting czech friends today. found out that if i want to, i can go to india financially-speaking, it's whether i want to risk missing out on something at home if i don't return for the extra three weeks that's the real consideration at this point.'s india. and it's ilam's wedding. and surgery's not until the end of summer. and it'll be dirt cheap when i get there. it worth losing something for. and adding another couple thousand dollars to my debt. and should i just be going home and getting a job and rebuilding a life in vancouver for meself again.

...don't know...

at any rate. going to meet my mom in bavaria next week, perhaps shouldn't have mentioned that a potential meeting place was my dad's suggestion, seeing as she immediately said that well, there's plenty of interesting places in germany, you can't see all of them....

never getting married if it entails getting divorced. it's just silly.

being kicked out of the lab. doh.

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