Monday, May 19, 2003

i've got a czech boyfriend. he's rather sweet. was hanging around in the park on saturday and this group of rather loud children kept playing and jumping over our stuff, and eventually we just started playing with them for the rest of the evening. speaking stilted czech, no less, because they don't know any english. one of them's going to grow up to be a photographer, he commandeered my camera and played with it all afternoon. used up a roll and a half of film for me. and when they had to leave they insisted, "zitra! zitra! trinact!" so we agreed to come play again on sunday. and did. and they were thrilled when we came by, played frisbee with a real frisbee this time (as opposed to the plastic plate we'd taken the day before), they used up more rolls of film (already got their mailing address to send them copies of their photos whenever i develop them).

anyways, one of the oldest ones, claims he's twelve, has a little-boy crush on me. rather cute. i even got a kiss goodbye yesterday. {g}

it's too bad we didn't meet these kids before now. matt says they're rekindled his love for this country. (this is a big deal, if you know matt's general opinions on the subject. it all relates to czech girls. freakass.) would have been fun to've played with them all year long. would definitely have learned more czech as well. and they're cool kids, through and through. even if one's a klepto for anything with sugar. and they're violent as hell. but aren't kids supposed to be that way?

also this weekend: moved to jonny's for the last few days. 80s night at futurum. general hanging around. it was a fun weekend.

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