Sunday, May 04, 2003

i'm lazy. but i'm procrastinating too. so rather than actually upload photos somewhere where i can actually make the layout pretty, there's a bunch of photos up in ye olde yahoo photo album (look in the prague folder). random photos from throughout the year. i'll prolly add more another time.

also, sarah has a fotolog. just a few random shots up there as well.

oh. and. my desktop. because it amuses me so.


quick rundowns:
my mother arrives here on saturday. less than a week. and then i leave praha for good. and i'm really, really sad about that. still not heading back to north america quite yet, but i don't want to leave everyone here. but everything comes to an end.

either matt's killing of my sternum has spread due to hunching over more and cramping meself, or i have SARS. (no, i don't seriously think i have SARS, so no need to start mocking me...) pain's now actually spread to my breast a little, which is absolutely silly and retarded and nonsensical, but unfortunately i'm not about to go up to a person and ask them to massage my breasts to get rid of the cramp (if that is indeed what it is).

saw X2. again. and alan cumming still rocks. and then skipped into 25th Hour. ed norton was excellent, but that's only to be expected isn't it? spike lee however... the long long annoying. the obvious in-your-face racial role-reversals are annoying. the completely open ending is incredibly annoying. (especially when accompanied by the on-going monologue..) the overdone dramatics surrounding the remains of the WTC are both annoying and hilarious (jonny and i were laughing incontrollably at one part.. fortunately there was no one nearby who felt the need to throw things at us). the opening with the over-dramatic music and the memorial WTC lights was annoying. somehow the entire movie overall wasn't annoying, though. not entirely. hardly a favourite by far, but maybe it's the ed norton aspect. parts were interesting, seeing all the people who we'd seen an hour ago in X2 was amusing, and commenting on things all the way through was rather fun. i think i like seeing movies with jonny.

but still must see frida before leaving. must figure out some real travel itinerary after germany. must figure out how to pack for backpacking on the way to the music fest and keep the checked-in part under 15kg (is that even going to be possible??) so that i can take it on the flight back to frankfurt. must reschedule the flight back to canada (again) to make time for the music fest. must write four papers and finally finish everything.

but first must eat breakfast. or something.

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