Wednesday, May 14, 2003

i have so much work to do, yet i've just spent all morning talking to people, trying to re-figure out travel plans that have had to've been altered, trying to figure out if i really can go to india, as the other friend who would go down for the wedding says that she's most definitely going, looking up information on visas (good god it looks so much easier than it was getting a czech visa...), catching up with friends i haven't spoken to in awhile, and more general bullshit.

i wrote one paragraph of my essay. that's an accomplishment, right? and i know where the closest indian consulates are now.. and how much it would cost to get a visa.. and that they tend to be given out the same day you apply for it (what novelty!).. and i know jasmin's mailing address by heart apparently.. and even managed to do some quick cleaning up before leaving today..

but no. haven't done much at all today. absolutely pathetic.

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