Saturday, May 10, 2003

everyone's got to move out by tomorrow, so today's packing day, and it's downright depressing. it's strange how much taller the walls seem when there's nothing more decorating them. room seems a lot wider, too. i've got one suitcase overstuffed, more things in piles waiting to be reshuffled to balance between the big backpack and the suitcase, and another Box Of Stuff waiting to be put into the spare one my mom's bringing tomorrow. good lord, i've accumulated a ton.

still haven't finished any papers. watched another storm tonight. paddleboated and got a more proper tan (ie: now my stomach's feeling the love of the vitamin sun as well). talked to rebecca over the phone for the first time since...easter? no, must have been before that. saw rachel off at the tram stop. fixed my plane ticket home. oh what fun.

dead tired now. must sleep. tons of work to do tomorrow. hopefully it rains so i actually get around to doing it this time.

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