Tuesday, May 06, 2003

[EDIT] don't bother reading the previously-posted entry. it's all a rant because i'm in a terrible mood and upset and frustrated about a number of things, and it's mostly directed at one person because talking directly to them (you) in email is just repetitive and upsetting and only going to make things worse at this point, and i'm now at the point of public venting. but no one likes to read someone else's venting of personal problems, do they. which is why i tend to keep the real problems off here. so just ignore it or skip it or follow the next link in your neverending search for pictures of fuck me boots or of frankie muniz barefoot (why am i still getting hits for that? what was that boy doing? what the hell are you people looking for??) or Vintage Free Gay Porn. i don't have any of that. so move along. nothing to see here.

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