Monday, May 05, 2003

daniel's awesome.

before and after.

i need to learn to use photoshop properly.

had a terrible dream last night. dreamt that matt got a B+ on his paper that i skimmed over last night. the one that includes lines such as "I think my favorite[sic] view in Prague is from halfway up Petrin hill near Ujezd, where it looks as though the American flag is waving above the castle." although it's not so much that matt's paper is capable of garnering a B+. it's that my paper that i've actually done some research for came back with a B-. with very disparaging comments written all over it.

neck still hurts, breast/chest still hurts (when not coughing). really wondering if i should go to the doctor at this point. i just really don't want to take the time to do this right now, though. or spend the money, regardless if i'll get it back. or be bothered to go talk to someone about why the flash in my camera has died.


but it's a sunny day, highs expected of 28 Celsius, so i shouldn't be complaining!

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