Saturday, May 10, 2003

another person i went to school with is getting married. so strange. kinda weird. especially because it's ilam, because she just doesn't seem like a marriage type yet. i don't know details, but i'd guess it's an arranged marriage, and i know she'll be going down to india for the wedding itself. i just wonder who she's being paired up with. hope it's a good match..

i don't know what i think about arranged marriages. idealistically, of course i balk at the idea. but at the same time, although i don't know her parents that well and what i do know i know more through another friend of mine who's closer to ilam, but ilam's parents seem to be one of the happiest married couples that i've come across. and they've been together for years, and it was an arranged marriage in the first place. i suppose if you have to live together, you end up putting more work into getting along and making things smooth, maybe. so i can't totally dismiss arranged marriages. not all the time.

hope this works out for ilam, though. so strange.. i'm happy for her, though, if that's what she wants. {g}

(also: i wish it didn't cost so much to go to india. elsewise i'd be down there for the ceremony as ivana's date.'s still a fortune to fly there from frankfurt, rather than going back to canada when my ticket is for, and it seems to be cheaper to go from europe than from canada. still, if i find something cheaper, maybe...)

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