Monday, May 19, 2003

and now, to offset the last entry and feel happier again, random quotes from the weekend (warning: it wasn't much of a high-brow weekend):

maggie: "wow... you can see the pee-stream from here!"

diane (czech kid, while reaching up to grope our breasts): "[reaching maggie's] Velky, [reaching mine] maly!" - diane, one of the czech kids.
translation: velky = big, maly = small. she later tried to unbutton my skirt. we figure she's a good lesbian in training. {g}

matt: "hey bro! i have an idea! let's dress up exactly the same and go clubbing tonight!!"

matt (again): "that was incredibly rude! i can't believe how rude you just were! yes, i'm talking to you, you're a very rude person. i think you're the rudest person i've come across in all my time here. in response to your rudeness, i feel obliged to burp loudly at you for the rest of the tram ride." and he did.

jonny, suddenly dead serious: "he inspired me, [that] zack morris..."

if only i could remember more of matt's lines. or any of greg's. especially when he was telling me the story about the hooker that he'd loved. and felt that she truly loved him to. although it might have been because she was hooped up on ecstacy at the time. but he really thought that it was love.

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