Thursday, April 17, 2003

s'been an interesting week and a half. so very bizarre. very confusing. but things are sorting themselves out now, i think. i hope.

still. messed up time, but...strangely ... maybe not "worth it" or "good" but... educational? enlightening? maybe enlightening. i'm being annoying and vague though, so. onto more interesting things.

not that there's a lot. went to cesky krumlov and had fun drinking with norwegians, one of which became absolutely insane and got us kicked out of a bar. (at one point he announced loudly that there's nothing good about czechs...i don't know why...lars has some screws loose, i think...) had fun watching the michael jackson wannabe on the disco floor later on. beautiful little town, though. awesome hostel. good times.

many episodes of invader zim have been watched. a great many. too many? is there such a thing?

very little school work has been done. too busy wasting time and generally enjoying life.

han solo in carbonite will forevermore make me think of my dead grandfather. you don't want to know why.

tans have been worked-upon. s'downright hot these past few days. s'beautiful.

must remember to call to book my surgery date tomorrow. could do it now, except i'd rather know whether my travel plans for once i return to BC are still in effect or not.

how's yourself?

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