Thursday, May 01, 2003

saw X-Men 2 tonight. sneak preview. nearly the entire audience was made up of med students (ie: largely indian-descent brits) and a few of us foreign students. such a bizarre thing to see in a czech theatre. good fun, though. i think i liked this one more than the first one, even.

- seeing vancouver foliage in scenes.. strange that it's recognizable even if it's just grass and trees....but it is.
- seeing random familiar vancouver actors like the frog-faced guy from vancouver theatresports!!! and only julie knows who i'm talking about, but now if you see the movie, the one white house reporter who's frozen with a pen to his mouth, that's one of our favourite theatresports guys, or at least was when we last went a couple years ago. he was the one who started spouting random physics formulas while he was in the role of the mad scientist...and according to the person we were with who did know physics, they were all right. not only funny, but smart too!
- nightcrawler. yay! {g} and again, alan cumming always gets the nifty coat in his role.
- wolverine's still full of angst. but he's still awesome. and hugh jackman still has such an amusing name. just say it out loud.

and then it was nice and warm and windy all evening long, and things were once again made cool with certain people, and matt is off to continue celebrating his quarter-of-a-century birthday in style, and my chest may collapse soon (mattisafucker), and i'm going to get a good night's sleep for the first time in a long while, and all is well.

well, most of it, at least. papers crackdown starts tomorrow, because my body's shutting down at the moment.

"huge ackman"

hee. {g}

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