Monday, April 28, 2003

roughly two weeks left out here, too many papers to write, too little time to do all i want and spend decent amounts of time with people i'll never see again, and i've got a cold from hell. held it off for so very long, but it still got me. evil illness.

because it must be re-iterated: matt is a fucker. this time round he broke my sternum. or something along that line. it was a fun day when it happened though, so i'm not complaining too much. but if anyone has tips on how someone with absolutely no strength in them whatsoever can punch or whathaveyou and actually do damage to someone who weighs a thousand times more than i do... lemme know.

saw Ringu the other night. heard that it was supposed to be much scarier than the american version. our verdict was....dunno. if we hadn't seen the other one before, Ringu would have been a lot more frightening, but as it was we knew somewhat what was going to happen, even if things weren't quite the same. the evil video in The Ring is by far creepier, if only because of the sounds they used. but Sadako's big scene was much worse. oiyaa. oh, and simple panic-stricken faces on the dead are a great deal better than artistically grossed-up ones.

so much more that could be written. too much for right now, though. need food, need shower, need to enjoy the sunshine.

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