Wednesday, April 02, 2003

prolly seeing supergrass on thursday. barring tragedy, of course.

interesting events this weekend. for a number of reasons. which, if nothing else, resulted in me realising that i can't just latch onto certain people and not get to know others so well. it can backfire. badly. but it's not too late to get to know more people while i'm out here. s'almost a shame it didn't happen earlier to make me realise this sooner.

almost. but not quite.

also: saw Spider tonight, the new cronenberg film. (well, new here in the czech republic, at least). liked it. very calming. a good film for today, actually. and somehow, even though i don't think i've seen too many cronenberg films, there was something familiar and comforting in the way it was filmed. i guess i've seen enough to recognise his style, whatever it is that i notice..

also: it hasn't been mentioned in a bit, but should be mentioned again. brentos is awesome. perhaps even bodacious. but not quite tubular. unsure whether that's a good thing or not. unsure if that's how you spell it. unsure whether the dancing images of teenage mutant ninja turtles now in my mind is comforting or downright frightening.

also: bi doesn't mean promiscuous. somehow there's a misunderstanding of that out here.

also: this is my diary. i don't like feeling like i can't vent what i want to vent because of certain people who may read it. but i suppose that's my issue to be worked out and no one else's.

also: sometimes i think people should be more like cats. at least cats somehow know when you need them to be around. they might do it nonchalantly and pretend like they don't even notice it or care in the least, but they're there when you need them. unfortunately people aren't always so good that way. everyone just needs to practice their ESP a little more, s'all.

grand stress headache. going to sleep. please make wesley willis leave my mind before then.

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