Thursday, April 24, 2003

playing around at mapquest...

this is where i'm from! actually, it's our latest home. i looked up our old house but it just didn't look right. and you can't really see anything because of the giant tree in the yard.

but LEGEND for this photo at least:
RED: my house! note: can't see the basketball hoop on the road by our driveway. makes me wonder when they took the photo, because that's been there for a number of years now...
BLUE: the inkpens' house. note proximity - very handy when hungry OR bored OR procrastinating and bored of your own house. (there's a walkway from the corner of our street that comes out right across from their house)
GREEN: points towards what's now a school, but what used to be a damn fine swamp. this time of year the water there would be black from tadpoles and everyone would be catching them to bring them home. and they destroyed it all for a school. what were they thinking??
PURPLE: awesome sledding slopes in the winter. but better where the dot is, because further along you wind up sliding right into the fence around the baseball diamond. hurts just a little. and it's steeper closer to the dot. obviously the photo's form the summer, too, hence the lovely brown grass...
YELLOW: points towards riverview, the mental hospital. home to a great many backdrops of things filmed in vancouver (lotsa X-Files and 21 Jump Streets, amongst other things), and really pretty place to bike through.
BROWN: (for jodi only, i think) mr johnson's house, terumi's dad, from high school. if you remember him. random knowledge...

i looked up my place here in prague except it appears there's no aerial shots for the czech republic. oh well.

oh, but speaking of 21 Jump Street, when we were in cesky krumlov, one of the hostels i stepped into to ask for directions was playing german-dubbed 21 Jump Street. unfortunately it was post-johnny depp (actually, just after he'd left the show...i shouldn't admit to knowing that...), so it wasn't as exciting as it could be. still amusing though - haven't seen it in years. used to love it in junior high school.

EDIT: oh! forgot to point out.. depth perception's lost on this image. but the largish road that snakes in from partway up the right side? steepest road in the neighbourhood. no exagerration. walking up it from the bus-stop on the highway can be hell. steepest point's where that little road joins it a quarter way up from chilco. good rest point.

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