Tuesday, April 22, 2003

another day done, and fuck-all accomplished.


which looks similar to "gomer". which is what my science teacher from grades 8-10 called all of us students. a lot of people didn't like him much. i loved him. he was sarcastic as hell and if you acted like a moron, he treated you like one. he always dressed like a wannabe cowboy, wore cowboy boots a lot of the time, some simply-patterned button-down shirt and jeans. always claimed to have burnt off his facial hair a few times due to mishaps during chemistry sections. mr kempf was awesome. he retired after my grade 10 year, iirc. prolly spends all his time fishing these days.

this random bit of trivia brought to you by some song i know nothing about. it was mislabelled entirely and i don't recognise it at all. but keeping it not so much because it's a great song, but because of the utter amusement of someone claiming it was a NIN song. because it's definately not. not by far. unless trent reznor suddenly became happy.

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