Wednesday, April 23, 2003

1a. chose a topic for one paper. her name's marie cerminova (sans accents), aka toyen, czech surrealist. somehow we haven't disussed any women artists, surrealism's always a pet topic, so there we go.
1b. think i've decided on modernist female writers for another paper. specifically, not sure who yet. lecture on women writers during the avant-garde tomorrow, i'll figure it out then.
2. still need to pick topics for the other 2 papers. one's got a vague idea. the for a class that i'm not even sure i'm in yet. but i do have to write one more paper for proper credit. unfortunately.
3. found out i definately do have to do that other paper. stupid bureaucracy.
4. i can never spell anything involving "bureau" properly on the first go. always have to delete letters. the word just screams for an e after the b, don't you think?
5. i am in such the clean state today. clean clothes. clean kitchen. clean sheets. clean room. folded laundry, even!
6. also: have ingredients for a snazzy fruit salad. but i won't have any strawberries left if i don't make it soon. also: avocado goodness today.
7. getting rather impatient to talk to someone and i don't know when it'll actually happen. want to figure out some plans. want to make some big decisions. want to re-book my plane ticket (again). can't til i talk to them, though. so frustrating.

must eat more strawberries and avocado now. excuse me.

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