Wednesday, April 30, 2003

i cannot believe that i didn't realise what the date was yesterday.

it was jodi's birthday!!!


you may choose whatever punishment you feel is necessary to deal with my forgetful stupidity.

but go and have an awesome birthday celebration first. {g}

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

so sick...
but big festivities tonight...
and apparently tomorrow night...
and may day on thursday...

and a few papers to write. but screw those.

if i pretend i'm healthy, it'll all be good, right?

Monday, April 28, 2003

roughly two weeks left out here, too many papers to write, too little time to do all i want and spend decent amounts of time with people i'll never see again, and i've got a cold from hell. held it off for so very long, but it still got me. evil illness.

because it must be re-iterated: matt is a fucker. this time round he broke my sternum. or something along that line. it was a fun day when it happened though, so i'm not complaining too much. but if anyone has tips on how someone with absolutely no strength in them whatsoever can punch or whathaveyou and actually do damage to someone who weighs a thousand times more than i do... lemme know.

saw Ringu the other night. heard that it was supposed to be much scarier than the american version. our verdict was....dunno. if we hadn't seen the other one before, Ringu would have been a lot more frightening, but as it was we knew somewhat what was going to happen, even if things weren't quite the same. the evil video in The Ring is by far creepier, if only because of the sounds they used. but Sadako's big scene was much worse. oiyaa. oh, and simple panic-stricken faces on the dead are a great deal better than artistically grossed-up ones.

so much more that could be written. too much for right now, though. need food, need shower, need to enjoy the sunshine.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

playing around at mapquest...

this is where i'm from! actually, it's our latest home. i looked up our old house but it just didn't look right. and you can't really see anything because of the giant tree in the yard.

but LEGEND for this photo at least:
RED: my house! note: can't see the basketball hoop on the road by our driveway. makes me wonder when they took the photo, because that's been there for a number of years now...
BLUE: the inkpens' house. note proximity - very handy when hungry OR bored OR procrastinating and bored of your own house. (there's a walkway from the corner of our street that comes out right across from their house)
GREEN: points towards what's now a school, but what used to be a damn fine swamp. this time of year the water there would be black from tadpoles and everyone would be catching them to bring them home. and they destroyed it all for a school. what were they thinking??
PURPLE: awesome sledding slopes in the winter. but better where the dot is, because further along you wind up sliding right into the fence around the baseball diamond. hurts just a little. and it's steeper closer to the dot. obviously the photo's form the summer, too, hence the lovely brown grass...
YELLOW: points towards riverview, the mental hospital. home to a great many backdrops of things filmed in vancouver (lotsa X-Files and 21 Jump Streets, amongst other things), and really pretty place to bike through.
BROWN: (for jodi only, i think) mr johnson's house, terumi's dad, from high school. if you remember him. random knowledge...

i looked up my place here in prague except it appears there's no aerial shots for the czech republic. oh well.

oh, but speaking of 21 Jump Street, when we were in cesky krumlov, one of the hostels i stepped into to ask for directions was playing german-dubbed 21 Jump Street. unfortunately it was post-johnny depp (actually, just after he'd left the show...i shouldn't admit to knowing that...), so it wasn't as exciting as it could be. still amusing though - haven't seen it in years. used to love it in junior high school.

EDIT: oh! forgot to point out.. depth perception's lost on this image. but the largish road that snakes in from partway up the right side? steepest road in the neighbourhood. no exagerration. walking up it from the bus-stop on the highway can be hell. steepest point's where that little road joins it a quarter way up from chilco. good rest point.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

i'm not so fucked anymore. at least, i don't feel it so strongly anymore. but this still hinges on me getting work done, so maybe i should be scared afterall.

i know you care.

new link! meet irf, who lives somewhere in close proximity to my sister (who has granted me permission to link her once again) and seems rather bizarre. and who steals pink umbrellas. "Today's Nonsensical Philosophical Conversation Topic" is always useful, of course...


* comepletely unrelated to irf in every way, shape, and form
1a. chose a topic for one paper. her name's marie cerminova (sans accents), aka toyen, czech surrealist. somehow we haven't disussed any women artists, surrealism's always a pet topic, so there we go.
1b. think i've decided on modernist female writers for another paper. specifically, not sure who yet. lecture on women writers during the avant-garde tomorrow, i'll figure it out then.
2. still need to pick topics for the other 2 papers. one's got a vague idea. the for a class that i'm not even sure i'm in yet. but i do have to write one more paper for proper credit. unfortunately.
3. found out i definately do have to do that other paper. stupid bureaucracy.
4. i can never spell anything involving "bureau" properly on the first go. always have to delete letters. the word just screams for an e after the b, don't you think?
5. i am in such the clean state today. clean clothes. clean kitchen. clean sheets. clean room. folded laundry, even!
6. also: have ingredients for a snazzy fruit salad. but i won't have any strawberries left if i don't make it soon. also: avocado goodness today.
7. getting rather impatient to talk to someone and i don't know when it'll actually happen. want to figure out some plans. want to make some big decisions. want to re-book my plane ticket (again). can't til i talk to them, though. so frustrating.

must eat more strawberries and avocado now. excuse me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

another day done, and fuck-all accomplished.


which looks similar to "gomer". which is what my science teacher from grades 8-10 called all of us students. a lot of people didn't like him much. i loved him. he was sarcastic as hell and if you acted like a moron, he treated you like one. he always dressed like a wannabe cowboy, wore cowboy boots a lot of the time, some simply-patterned button-down shirt and jeans. always claimed to have burnt off his facial hair a few times due to mishaps during chemistry sections. mr kempf was awesome. he retired after my grade 10 year, iirc. prolly spends all his time fishing these days.

this random bit of trivia brought to you by some song i know nothing about. it was mislabelled entirely and i don't recognise it at all. but keeping it not so much because it's a great song, but because of the utter amusement of someone claiming it was a NIN song. because it's definately not. not by far. unless trent reznor suddenly became happy.
it's wrong when you're able to sing along with a song you've never heard before. because somehow it's just that predictable. or maybe we could pretend that you have some sort of extra-sensory connection to the song and you JUST KNOW how it goes.

but i don't think that's the case.

still. best way to feel better: new music.
coincidentally, best way not to write papers: searching for new music.

don't seem to be accomplishing much this weekend. oh well.

Monday, April 21, 2003

today would have been hitler's birthday. and i forgot to bake a cake.

(i post this here only because there's no one around to share it with. hey, i take my kicks where i can get them today.)

Sunday, April 20, 2003

new Dears album out! such excitement.

and new radiohead! and...perhaps i should not have heard the song yet, but i just found out that it's not officially released for another month. oops. well, didn't know until too late, already listened.

bad fan! bad bad fan!

now if only i can catch these people touring this summer, rather than missing them entirely as i'm usually apt to do....

(actually, no, i have good luck with the radiohead, if nothing else. at least, did last time around, hopefully the luck has lasted...)
i finally just met the foot fetishist today. he spent awhile just watching my feet (although i thought it was just the ground) trying to talk to me a little before jumping me for my feet. apparently they're very nice. apparently he's completely mistaken, because they've been wearing shoes for months straight now and are anything but nice. but i did get a good massage out of the deal.

and you know what? i don't even know his name....
May 2nd is No Pants Day!

No Pants Day is coming soon. don't forget to show your holiday spirit!

note to self: go buy boxers...

Saturday, April 19, 2003

random fun grocery shopping today:

the utter amusement of getting a sample of fernet (czech liquor), another random sample from the table full of every other alcohol they had, and then picking up the rest of our food drinking a decently-sized sample of staropramen beer.

the only other sample table we saw was one with good good good swiss chocolate.

grocery shopping out here's not as bothersome as it is back home sometimes. or maybe they just do it so that people don't get so frustrated with how many shoppers are crammed into the place at once.

Friday, April 18, 2003

coming from absolutely nowhere (reading something awful forums and just noting the wording in posts), i really hate it when people say that someone drove another one to suicide. or even if it's not killing themselves, drove them to being an alcoholic, whatever the case may be. it just denies any say that the one being driven had in the matter. it makes it sound as though they had no choice, and totally relieves them of any responsibility in the results.

actually, this prolly also stems from arguments i've been having with people this week.

anyways. back to ghost stories now.
it's possible that i need more to do. but still, the hair looks nifty, don't you think?

not a bad way to waste a twenty minutes or so, no? just a shame that the weekend of no-one-being-around has already begun, so my hard work's going unnoticed.

that's why i have a blog.... {g}
movie theatres out here are so grand.

saw shanghai knights. rather entertaining, actually. cheesy, but amusingly so. and added bonus seeing aidan gillen in there. of course, rachel didn't know QaF or who he was, but she agreed that he's nicely smarmy nonetheless. though the fellow playing sir doyle was oh so charming.

so much fun going to see a movie just because you're in the mood for it, no matter the day of the week or the time of day, because it's actually a reasonable price. and a fancy dancy theatre.

frida opens here may first. saw the preview. looks intriguing. anyone have anything to say about it?

Thursday, April 17, 2003

s'been an interesting week and a half. so very bizarre. very confusing. but things are sorting themselves out now, i think. i hope.

still. messed up time, but...strangely ... maybe not "worth it" or "good" but... educational? enlightening? maybe enlightening. i'm being annoying and vague though, so. onto more interesting things.

not that there's a lot. went to cesky krumlov and had fun drinking with norwegians, one of which became absolutely insane and got us kicked out of a bar. (at one point he announced loudly that there's nothing good about czechs...i don't know why...lars has some screws loose, i think...) had fun watching the michael jackson wannabe on the disco floor later on. beautiful little town, though. awesome hostel. good times.

many episodes of invader zim have been watched. a great many. too many? is there such a thing?

very little school work has been done. too busy wasting time and generally enjoying life.

han solo in carbonite will forevermore make me think of my dead grandfather. you don't want to know why.

tans have been worked-upon. s'downright hot these past few days. s'beautiful.

must remember to call to book my surgery date tomorrow. could do it now, except i'd rather know whether my travel plans for once i return to BC are still in effect or not.

how's yourself?
i just killed a mosquito in my room. aiyaa... not them already!

Saturday, April 12, 2003

i can't keep secrets. not at all. i only end up making everyone involved in them feel miserable.


Friday, April 04, 2003

this is one of the ads that's everywhere in bus shelters and whatnot. advertising in prague (and actually much of europe) is awesome. {g}

(oh, and it's actually a photograph with the marks painted onto her body, not just a drawing. can't tell that so well from online..)

Thursday, April 03, 2003

is a
Cheese-Eating Spider Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 5.1

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat sarah, enter your name:

i couldn't beat nicole, try as i might. but i beat jodi!

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

my little brother makes me happy.

he's finally going to his first concert, and it's gonna be the dears! oh, and then they're opening for matthew good (unfortunately, i say, oh well), but daniel's going because the dears are opening. (why are they opening? why aren't they touring alone? bah..)

and because his MG-lovin friend got tickets for cheapcheapcheap.

but he was thinking about it from the second i told him that the dears were coming to town.

almost makes up for the fact that i seem to be good at missing seeing them live, meself.

oh daniel, i've trained you so well.... {g}
ALSO: if this is indeed a PARENT looking at my site, you're NOT ALLOWED here. please respect that.
prolly seeing supergrass on thursday. barring tragedy, of course.

interesting events this weekend. for a number of reasons. which, if nothing else, resulted in me realising that i can't just latch onto certain people and not get to know others so well. it can backfire. badly. but it's not too late to get to know more people while i'm out here. s'almost a shame it didn't happen earlier to make me realise this sooner.

almost. but not quite.

also: saw Spider tonight, the new cronenberg film. (well, new here in the czech republic, at least). liked it. very calming. a good film for today, actually. and somehow, even though i don't think i've seen too many cronenberg films, there was something familiar and comforting in the way it was filmed. i guess i've seen enough to recognise his style, whatever it is that i notice..

also: it hasn't been mentioned in a bit, but should be mentioned again. brentos is awesome. perhaps even bodacious. but not quite tubular. unsure whether that's a good thing or not. unsure if that's how you spell it. unsure whether the dancing images of teenage mutant ninja turtles now in my mind is comforting or downright frightening.

also: bi doesn't mean promiscuous. somehow there's a misunderstanding of that out here.

also: this is my diary. i don't like feeling like i can't vent what i want to vent because of certain people who may read it. but i suppose that's my issue to be worked out and no one else's.

also: sometimes i think people should be more like cats. at least cats somehow know when you need them to be around. they might do it nonchalantly and pretend like they don't even notice it or care in the least, but they're there when you need them. unfortunately people aren't always so good that way. everyone just needs to practice their ESP a little more, s'all.

grand stress headache. going to sleep. please make wesley willis leave my mind before then.