Thursday, March 27, 2003

sorry.. i really don't want to post so much on a topic that's being discussed incessantly everywhere else... but i'm catching up some more. i can't help it, it's like living in a bubble here in some ways. not quite the same as sean is, but a little similar. i don't have a radio, i don't read the newspapers (because i don't want to pay for the only english one with a relatively strong ex-pat american feel to it), i don't have a television, i only find out what i actually search for. more often than not we just find things out through word of mouth. (like this whole asian flu thing in canada now? didn't know a thing about that until yesterday and that's been going on for months now!) of course, trying to stay on top of headlines online, but i'm still missing things.

like this. there are times that i do miss having a television. just to have gotten to see televised "reality" shattered. or at least challenged a little. not in a "look, george bush is a twat" sort of way (regardless of what my opinion might be in that matter), but as a reminder that everything is calculated, everything is an act, everything is for show. i didn't have a chance to see it, i didn't even know it had happened before now, and i'm actually very surprised it took place. it's rather ironic that it happens when it's potentially most-damaging.

or i think it is, at least.

aside from that, also found this morning, this article (both links, actually, c/o the comments on douglas rushkoff's blog). another perspective (this time economic) on the reasons behind the war. interesting read.

so i just thought i'd share. and in an effort to keep this blog from becoming completely dull, i'll now put together a random snippet of my life to post above this. curb your excitement...

[edit] one more link added:
i've been reading this journal for awhile, because generally speaking, he's absolutely hilarious. but i thought this post was rather well-written. exactly the sort of thing i've though numerous times (particularly when trying to talk to people who don't seem to fully realise that innocent people dying means innocent people dying. that it's more than just a random number.) except that he writes it far better than i could.

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