Sunday, March 23, 2003

psyops 101, c/o cbc.

i wish i was in a communications course right now. or my utopias class. that was a godsend to have handy when the WTC collapsed. somewhere to discuss the things that were on my mind without being told off. i need to have a conversation about this with people who aren't wholeheartedly behind this war (it's just frustrating talking to them) or with people who know more about the situation, if only to leech some more knowledge off of them. because i don't feel like i know anything. even though i've been skipping between sites searching for something that'll make me feel enlightened. not finding it yet.

want to know something funny? i have no idea what's really going on in terms of canada's involvement in this thing. i'm looking at the cbc website, for crying out loud, and i know there's protests going on everything thanks to indymedia sites (but that's only a given anyways), but in terms of official governmental stances, i have no idea. obviously i'm not looking hard enough at the moment. but canada is so un-newsworthy by other countries' standards. and apparently the canadian mind-link doesn't work so well across oceans.

what is strange, is looking at headlines on websites. for the words and for the stories. american soldier detained in grenade attack on US command tent, friendly fire may have downed british plane, stray missiles land in iraq, other helicopters crashing... this war sounds incredibly messy and ill-coordinated. i'm sure other wars have their same problems, but have there been any big stories so far that don't involve some sort of accident? it all sounds like a play that's showing that was nowhere near ready for performance, that no one wanted to perform yet...and yet it's going on anyway.

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