Friday, March 21, 2003

on wednesday i saw what i think was the first american tourist in prague that made me happy to see. catching the tram back to the kolej when i'd arrived back in prague, the tram was relatively empty, but towards the back was a group of tourists with suitcases prolly just arrived and finding their hotel. the son wasn't too interesting to look at, just looking around nonplussed. the daughter, maybe 24 years old, she must have been having a terrible time because she looked pissed off as hell. mad at the world, annoyed by her family, glaring out the window at everything with a camera held in her hand. (maybe she wasn't that angry, maybe that's just how she looks, but to me she looked ready to kill.) the father was sitting on the other side of the tram, a little overweight, wearing a brimmed summer on top of his very round and fleshy face, huge glasses with thin frames that made his eyes look huge, and he was looking all around out the window on the opposite side with such a huge-eyed, simple look of contentedness and relaxed excitement. he looked so calm and peaceful and so happy to be there at all... he deserved to be travelling around prague. it looked like it was his dream come true or the next best thing. absolutely adorable.

he made me happy. never would have thought an american tourist in europe would do that. at least, not the sight of them alone. {g}

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