Thursday, March 27, 2003

i'm trying to figure out how to set up my digital camera as a webcam. because apparently it can be.. but no luck yet. perhaps i'll figure it out this weekend. (any (free) programs people can recommend?)

i have discovered my pool skills have dropped dramatically since coming to prague. this saddens me. i was never good to begin with, but at least i had lucky runs. but every time we've played out here i've just proven meself to be an out'n'out bad player. such sadness.

according to SFU. last semester i took 6 with plans of taking only 2 this semester, in order to have more time to travel and explore and generally waste time. yesterday i found out that technically we're supposed to be doing three courses a semester out here. i wouldn't be concerned if the school out here hadn't already sent SFU my transcript for last semester. now i'm a little concerned. should be emailing the international department back home right now, but i think i'll put that off until tonight. also, haven't heard from the lit teacher out here whether i'm in trouble for skipping lectures that i already sat in on last semester or not. may be creating problems for meself. i'm a (lazy) fool.

canadian bonding = sarcasm galore. good times. at the expense of alister's pride. {eg}

brentos isn't going to make it to europe, save a miracle. there would be money enough by the time he would come, but there's not money now to get the plane ticket, and the chances of getting one later (for cheap enough) aren't too much, and it's just too much uncertainty and not knowing how to plan things and not being able to plan we're doing it the easy way and just saying it's not going to happen. it makes me sad, though. really sad. because i would love for him to see prague, see the places that i now, be here when the atmosphere's the one that i'm used to.. because we can come back here another time when money's not so much an issue, but it won't be the same. it definately won't be the same once the czech republic joins the EU. but some things just don't work out. instead, i'll meet him earlier in ontario, and we'll spend more time back east before i finally get back to vancouver. still, if anyone would like to pledge their support in the "Get Brent to Europe" fund, they'll always be accepted!

it's a sunny day. i'm going to the park now.

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